When you give a purse as a gift?

As time passed, people began to think about the durability of their handbags. Handbags of that era were made of leather or canvas, and were only used for brief periods of time. In the early 1600s, women began using purses that were made of velvet and other fabrics. These handbags were more durable than the ones made from leather. Women also began to carry these purses with them all the time. Eventually, purses came in different sizes and shapes, including small ones carried in the pocket, big ones worn over the shoulder, and ones with pockets on both sides. Handbags were Women purse  also made of more durable materials such as leather, gold, silver, and copper. Women continued to wear handbags for many years. They could be found as a fashion item, used for carrying items such as coins, a letter from a lover, or a piece of jewelry.

It is said that the first real purse was the “clasp purse”. A woman would take her handbag, fold it in half, and use a hook-and-eye clasp to secure it. Women wore these purses with matching hats. They often included buttons or decorative jewels. The purse itself usually contained money and maybe a few other items such as cosmetics and a comb. Men also wore handbags that had matching hats or belts.

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