When pediatricians connect with screens

The Ifop barometer suggests that parents have yet to fully integrate the impact of their own screen use on family relationships. 418210910 / Muse Studio – stock.adobe.com

Demystified – 9 out of 10 doctors cited the impact of digital technology on children aged 0-6 years in UNICEF’s Ifop Barometer.

Nine out of 10 physicians spontaneously linked screen use to developmental difficulties in young children. These are the findings of the first Ifop Barometer (1) conducted for UNICEF on the impact of digital technologies on children aged 0-6 years. 403 general practitioners and paediatricians were surveyed in parallel with a representative sample of 603 parents to compare their impressions.

Health professionals who created this link attributed these difficulties to prolonged exposure (85%), and viewing inappropriate content (90%). Among the disorders listed, they mainly mentioned behavior problems (anger, irritability, aggression, etc.) and sleep problems (84%). Then three quarters mentioned mood and attention disorders. Finally, they argue that excessive screen use can lead to problems with socialization, overweight, language and vocabulary mastery, and have an impact on…

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