‘We’ll be ready against Ireland’, Ramos pledges after disappointing win over Italy

France entered the Six Nations tournament with a tough 29-24 victory in Italy on Sunday. 18 penalty kicks were whistled and the Blues were very undisciplined. That won’t be the case, next Saturday in Ireland, (to appease) Bartoli’s guest Thomas Ramos

Thomas Ramos, how do you explain the Blues’ underwhelming win over Italy?

May have been relaxed. At 19-6, we could have continued to press and returned to their camp. We tried to do that but fell behind and it was a period where we had 2-3 penalties in a row. They hurt us. There are still positives, especially in the first half. Compared to the November tour, we wanted to play some more replays. it happens. Then you have to make the right decision.

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So we shouldn’t worry about next Saturday’s game against Ireland?

No, we are not worried. It is our responsibility to correct what is invalid and to be more self-disciplined. This is necessary in Ireland. We know what’s in store for us, the atmosphere of the game…we’ll be ready for Ireland.

Can you see them against Wales (34-10 win)?

Yes, we watched the game. We saw them put on a big show, especially in the first half. But we also saw them slump in the second half. The Welshman came back from the dressing room more motivated and with better intentions. They could have made them more suspicious. It’s up to us to do well next weekend.

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