Wayne Shorter, jazz saxophonist and composer, dies

“Legend of Jazz”, “Jazz Icon”, “Jazz Giant” ? The great Anglo-Saxon press competes with discovery. What are you trying to say? Something very simple but hard not to say clichés: One of the greatest composer-actors (musicians) of the past seventy years, Mr. Wayne Short, born August 25, 1933 in Newark (NJ), Died March 2 in a Los Angeles hospital. He’s 89 years old, and in a scientifically verifiable way, 89 ways to invent “jazz” at any one time.

Three highlights of his pursuit of intimacy and rigor: Jazz Messengers with drummer Art Blakey (who later became music director); Sharing Miles Davis’ Most Stunning Quintet, The Second (1964-1968), according to Meyer A real designer, according to Stanley; a weather reporting group founded in 1970 by Joe Zawinul and Miroslav Vitous.

Grammys as it rains; gold in spades, platinum, cobalt, lithium discs; a passion among his supporters that is more philosophical than musical; and the least rowdy, sweetest, eccentric character . Uncanny angels are within reach.

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The general public will miss a little, the French super festival will not fail to do so, musicians, they are never wrong. He’s appeared on an astonishing dozen or so albums by Joni Mitchell, who credits him as a painter, colorist. Her relationship with the musicians (Terri Lyne Carrington, Joni Mitchell, Esperanza Spalding) is feminine.


jazz? rock? Not rock? merge? His double deal with Carlos Santana or the mappable little Steely Dan is not easy to understand. Wayne Shorter has a riddle, and this one might just be one of his obvious ones.

Let’s go back in time: in Newark, starting in the post-war years, Wayne and his brother Al Shorter (1932-1987, cornet, trumpet, liberty, longtime Paris resident) threw themselves into the bebop revolution (Charlie Parker , Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk ). Father Joseph was a welder for Singer Co., and mother was a seamstress. Everything was in order. The brothers, the music of the body, are also passionate about painting, science fiction, radio soap operas and Movie Morning at the Adams Theatre.


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