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Human-computer interaction expert Laurence Devillers judged in Talk franceinfo, “All these topics of private data, attention, manipulation, etc., have to be discussed from cycle 1 where we learn the basics.”

“It is absolutely imperative that students and teachers learn to debate AI in schools”, argues Laurence Devillers, expert in human-computer interaction, professor of computer science at the Sorbonne in Paris, and guest of Talk franceinfo on Twitch on Monday 6 February. The ChatGPT conversational bot, which has been very popular since late November 2022, can answer most questions. So much so that he was even able to write a decent paper, enough to interest students. As a result, the Institute of Political Sciences (IEP) in Paris announced that it would ban its students from using ChatGPT, “Dismissed”.

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For the Paris IEP, the only exception to its use is “Instructional use supervised by a teacher”. The head of the agency announced the forthcoming“Notes on this topic”and the ASA “A conference on the future of teaching and research in an ecosystem where AI is increasingly important”. “Tomorrow’s children will create other machines with other abilitiesAccording to Laurence Devillers, There is really an absolute need to train teachers in schools, rather than it takes time, it really has to be a direct, agile transition.

“All these topics of private data, attention, manipulation, have to be discussed from Cycle 1, where we learn the basicsexperts say. It’s an interdisciplinary subject, it’s not technology, it’s not philosophy, it’s both. This also joins the idea that life science or physical science, this is what we experience in reality, data and digital science, this is something we have to see at the same time. “

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