TotalEnergies record profits, pension reform, parliamentary debates, Adrien Quatennens intervention… What to remember from the François Ruffin interview

François Ruffin Delegate of the Somme, France (LFI) François Ruffin as guest of honor 8:30 am, Wednesday, February 8, 2023. Record profits from TotalEnergies, pension reform, parliamentary debates, intervention by Adrien Quatennens… He answers questions from Marc Fauvelle and Salhia Brakhlia.

The benefits of Total: “We’re seeing some people being force-fed and others being rationed”

“We are witnessing some people being force-fed and others being rationed”blamed vice LFI, while TotalEnergies posted a record profit of 19.5 billion euros. “Most of its profits are redistributed as dividends”Unfortunately the LFI deputy and “These dividends go to the richest 0.1%”, according to him.Elected officials blame oil group “Investing its dividends in the Netherlands to avoid capital gains tax. And pointed out the responsibility of the state.

“At the highest levels of the country, we are complicit in the plunder of the country”he believed. “I think tax evasion is a big complicity, yes we closed our eyes and raised Insoumis lieutenants, we didn’t put our money where it was”. “We should have an economic police to protect the French”Explain the elected Picard. “It’s like we made Al Capone the head of the police. Bessie doesn’t care about that”he continued. “We work, we pay taxes, it’s hard to live on that. At the same time, there are some big names who get away with it and benefit from complicity”François Ruffin asserts.

Pensions: ‘This law cannot pass’

“This law must not be passed because the country does not want this law passed”, assured the deputy reporter.After three days of mobilization and another on Saturday, François Ruffin believes that “It’s up to the workers” Should social movements be strengthened. “I think if we don’t want to put our country on the line, but instead, if we want to fix it, heal it, resolder it […]then we must not do” He warned against the reform. ‘In pensions, it’s about bailing out the deficit’he guarantees before identifying financing sources, such as “Increasing Employer Contributions” Instead of raising the mandatory retirement age from 62 to 64, François Bayrou suggested. “Mr Macron’s very dogmatic choice”Decide on the sub-LFI.

Amendment: “No to no”, must remain “master of the calendar”

“There is opposition and there is opposition. We must do everything in our power to stop this law from passing”, insists François Ruffin. The LFI panel has proposed almost 13,000 amendments, casting doubt on whether Article 7, which would raise the statutory retirement age to 64, will be able to be debated, especially since the National Assembly’s exchange must be at midnight on 17 February. “I hope we study Article 7”Answered by François Ruffin. “At some point, the amendments will come in batches so that we become the masters of the calendar”, guaranteed by François Ruffin. Elected officials in the Somme have criticized the government for limiting time for debate on pension reform. “Why do we only have 8 days to debate?”he asked himself.

36 hours in a four-day week: “A gizmo”, “No Frenchman believes it”

On a voluntary basis, agents of Picardy’s Union for the Collection of Social Security Contributions and Family Allowances (Urssaf) have the option to work 36 hours per week, 4 days per week, within the framework of the experiment.According to the elected representative of the Somme, the measure is “small tools”. “It created a bit of a froth in the media. Not a single Frenchman believes it today”against François Ruffin.

Quatennens at Congress: “This could divide us”

“Now is not the time”, assured François Ruffin, the day after Adrien Quatennens spoke in the National Assembly in defense of the pension reform amendments. It was his first intervention since his domestic violence conviction. This results in a semi-circular Mustang. “I do it to give myself time, for the dust to settle and for people to calm down”The sub-LFI is emphasized. “At the beginning, I opposed the forced retreat, and I opposed the forced return”he added. “I think it would be good for everyone to take a year off, to digest the events”, the deputy explained.Picard elected officials regret that Adrien Quatennens remains unregistered and his return is “At that time in the history of our society”. François Ruffin understands that this return creates “Turning Point”and worry that it is “Naturally divided at a time when we all need to be united”.


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