Thierry Solère, accusatory Stakhanovists and the embodiment of the hidden face of Macronism

He wants us so badly to forget him… Sigh, ex-Vice Republicans (LR) rally to Emmanuel Macron Thierry Soler in world : “I don’t understand what you want to do to me, I’m not interested in anyone anymore…” In any case, at the Palais Bourbon, his wish seemed to be granted. Take Olivier Malex, for example. In his office in the National Assembly, the president of the LR Group scrolls through a list of contacts on his phone. Then he exclaimed: “Look, I don’t have his 06! This guy, here I don’t see who he can reach! If he calls me, I won’t even pick him up. »

this ” type” Thus, Thierry Solère, 51, a close friend of former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, has remained Emmanuel Macron’s “secretary” since the summer of 2020. unofficial advisor. The perpetually huge gap is his way of life, and even his main talent, that taunts his detractors. “Before being with Philip, The mayor (LR) of Meaux, Jean-François Copé, recalled, He was with Le Maire, he was with “Sarko” before, and he was even with me at one point! The thing that amuses me the most is his time with Macron, he hated Philip even though he was everything to him! » Jiu-jitsu makes people.

Elected MP for Boulogne-Billancourt (Haute-Seine) in 2012 under the banner of the Union of Popular Movements (UMP, became LR in 2015), re-elected in 2017 after supporting Emmanuel Macron However, Thierry Solère has no representation in 2022. And with good reason: At the same time, he became France’s most prosecuted politician, as he was indicted on a record 13 counts. In recent years, judges have uncovered a veritable “Solere system,” a strange galaxy in which we tend to use and, above all, abuse our influence — real or supposed.

This is the story of a man marked by people skills that in some ways embodies the hidden face of Macronism: a tendency to flout justice and bite the yellow line that is supposed to separate the business world from the business world. political world.

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His legal concerns have not evoked the sympathy of his former colleagues at LR such as Olivier Marleix – to put it mildly. “Even UMP-LR, thirteen indictments, is a lotRepresentatives of Eure-et-Loir squeaked. Of those who betrayed, Sorel was the worst. Your name must be Damien Abad [le député de l’Ain passé de LR à Renaissance] Preserve his friendship! Sorel is frightening in matters of public morality and ethics. It’s great that he can advise the president, and Macron is unbelievably cynical. » Some of his former friends also gave Mr. Solère an enviable title: “Treason Adviser” President’s. “This level of ‘plasticity’ conviction is rare. Flipping your jacket is part of political life, but at this point, it’s ironic”, Jean-François Copé maintains that

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