The ‘psychological rape’ of the children’s minister

‘We talk about psychological rape when kids are exposed to pornography’Secretary of State Charlotte Caubel, who was in charge of childhood, was announced at Inter Milan on Thursday. “They discover things at the wrong age, they have trouble behind their backs” as “Sleep Disorders, Behavioral Disorders, Sexual Disorders”she added.

Therefore, protecting minors from Internet pornography is “The health and safety of our children”she concluded. “In the age of artificial intelligence, I have no doubt that websites would have found a way if they wanted to” Access to its content is prohibited for persons under the age of 18.

“for good [l’]Anchored in the mind of the operator, we will try to list possible devices: it could be a credit card, it could be facial recognition, it could be an ID card held by a trusted third party”she lists. “We’re just going to build a repository so that people have a clear understanding of it [les solutions à leur disposition]” and “Coming out in a few days”she later clarified.

age verification device

exist Le Parisien/Today in FranceOn Sunday, representatives of the minister in charge of digital affairs promised that France would implement an age verification mechanism to prevent minors from accessing pornographic websites. “By 2023, our children will not be able to access porn sites”Jean-Noël Barrot guarantees.

“Today we have been able to cut off the signal [des sites pornographiques pas assez regardants sur la protection des mineurs] In France, Add Charlotte Corbell, in addition, Arcom (…), the independent executive body responsible for sanctioning and regulating communications operators, has allocated a certain number of sites to the judiciary. “

“For respectable reasons, since it is the judicial authority, there has been mediation between the gendarme and the thief, but for 24 hours Arcom has said that this mediation is sufficient and we want to be sanctioned by the judicial authority”she pointed out.

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