‘The old man is back’, Teddy Riner laughs

Teddy Riner was sober about his level in Paris on the day, winning the over 100kg title in Bercy for the seventh time. He has gained confidence after a recent injury. Physical concerns seemed distant. A great place to start.

So Teddy Riner, the king is back?

No (laughs)! I’m back! It’s great to be back in this game. Even if I’m 70% capable, it’s important in preparation. I haven’t shown extraordinary judo, but that’s part of the preparation. Recovering from an ankle injury is not easy. If someone asks me how the finals went, I will answer that I am here to win and score points. It is not Ota who is representing Japan at the Olympics (he currently ranks third in his country). We must go fast and take no risks.

Are you afraid of launch technology?

I know judo. It’s hard to attack when I have my defender and the opponent puts himself in a defensive position. I don’t make the same mistake again. When we can’t attack, we increase the penalty.

You want certainty, do you have it tonight?

the truth? rare. I put everything into the work that we’re going to do after this tournament. It crashed there. I unlocked credits. I’m still a long way from where I was before my injury. You have to stay positive. There is still a year and a half to go. I am ready to work. I have great people around me.

Have you ever been troubled by ankles?

My ankle didn’t bother me. I feel the pain behind me. We will continue to prevent. At my age, it’s important.

What was the toughest battle?

semifinals. I had a chance to see him in training. We fought a lot. He tried to shut off my entire right side. When you do, the penalty increases because you’re not attacking. I took it tactically well. At the exit, I kind of regretted it because I wanted to take it down. In the Olympics, you have to expect to win on penalties.

You are here with Lucie Décosse 7 wins!

It’s not the first goal, but it’s good to make a mark on the most beautiful championship in the world at home. I am very happy.

We have to make some markers before the Olympics…

This is very important. It makes you want, it makes you think. It will happen quickly. Put pressure on yourself at home not to slip and fall.

Doesn’t that make you want to do more competitions and less internships?

We will have time to reflect with our coaches. It was planned. Getting back to that level has been very complicated for me. At the end, I had the feeling of being unlocked. Now I’m going to take a breath, prepare quietly, and do good things in training.

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