“The Normative and Individualistic Aspects of Parcoursup Leave Teens Vulnerable”

Facing Parcoursup’s sometimes stressful, even paralyzing algorithm, Marie Rose Moro invites parents and teens to take off. “It’s better to say to yourself ‘Where would I be good at?'” rather than “Where would I be good at?” »advised by a child psychiatrist at the office of the 14-year-old Maison de Solennelectronic Paris district. Since 2008, Marie Rose Moro has directed the institution specialized in adolescent care, which is part of the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris. For those studying philosophy and medicine at the same time, it is time to reintroduce dreams and freedom into an orientation process that has become very rigid.

What do you think about this particular period of registering wishes on Parcoursup?

It’s a difficult and worrying time, and it’s as if Parcoursup is the crystallization of all the worry and uncertainty in today’s world, and teenagers are very sensitive to it. During the consultation, they talked a lot, and the parents talked more.

Parcoursup looks like a cleaver, it does not allow, rather prevents them from doing many things. “What if we’re wrong? What if we’re not strategic enough? What if we don’t have enough grades? » : They have the impression of facing Russian roulette and don’t know what sauce to eat.

For over thirty years, you’ve watched teens every day. Have you observed the “before and after” effect of Parcoursup?

Earlier, we said: “I’m passing my BA, then we’ll see. » I am very sensitive to these passing moments, the initiation ceremony, the fact that we are growing up happily and the positive things that mark this phase. Sadly, The Bachelor has lost its value: it represents a really good group moment, very structured for teens. This is a whole generation of young high school graduates who feel like adults. We have lost collectiveness in many places. Even “squads” disappeared, because in the final year everyone was dispersed according to their specialization.

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No matter how you think about it, the Parcoursup algorithm is an interpretation of the zeitgeist. It is not him who is responsible, but he fits our vision of the direction: more individualistic, with no room for experimentation. Maybe that’s why teens see it as a threat: basically, it’s based only on what they’re able to do. What we make successful is not an age group, but a hierarchy for everyone. Parcoursup is first and foremost a selection tool that allows sorting in sectors.

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