The internet’s meteoric rise after Ana de Armas’ Oscar nomination

Ana de Armas was nominated for an Academy Award in 2023, but the news is under scrutiny.

When the official list of Oscar nominees was released by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Monday, January 23, the Internet was in an uproar — let alone who make list, and more specifically, about whom No.

While some are celebrating the actress’ achievement for portraying Marilyn Monroe exist blonde, As the only Latino in the group, others had a lot to say about the prospective candidate who was left out of this year’s list.

Among the most mentioned noteworthy neglects are those from viola davis exist Queen, mia goth exist pearland Danielle Deadwell exist until.

Strong opinions about the snub abounded, with some Twitter users questioning how the aforementioned talent could possibly have been skipped.

“Soooo ana de armas nominated for an Oscar but no Viola Davis!!! and mia Goth?! Speechless,” noted one irate twitter user, while another followed up, “so ana de armas Armas was nominated but no Mia Goth…? That’s too bad,” echoed a third: “Academy really chose Ana de Armas over Viola Davis “

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