Tenants, what energy retrofits can you do?

Installing a wood stove and insulating an attic or garage are jobs that are usually the homeowner’s responsibility. In fact, the latter undertook important or expensive works. However, in order for tenants to act regardless, the Climate and Resilience Act of 22 August 2021 establishes a specific system, which is detailed in the Decree of 20 July 2022.

As a result, the text suggests that tenants can insulate lower floors, roof spaces, and even replace external joinery or install solar protection with glass or opaque walls. Work may also involve the installation or replacement of ventilation systems, heating and domestic hot water production equipment and the equipment required for their operation.

“Be careful though, the work can be expensive, especially replacing windows, which cannot be covered by the tenant”Warning Association Consumer Housing and Living Environment (CLCV).

Typically, to perform heavy work or work like remodeling work, the tenant must obtain written authorization from the landlord. But the Climate and Resilience Act provides for a derogatory regime: tenants who plan to do insulation work at their own expense write to their landlords.

The latter has two months to respond and accept or decline the job. But if he doesn’t respond within the deadline, he will be deemed to have tacitly agreed to the renovations and will not be able to claim restoration of the house at the end of the lease.

A letter detailing the job

For the lessee, even if it is not stipulated in the regulatory text, it is best to confirm receipt by registered mail. In addition, the letter must describe the nature of the work performed, the conditions under which it was performed, such as the date the work was performed.

The letter must also review the legislation: “It is necessary to mention Article 7F of the Law of July 6, 1989, which states that the absence of a reply within two months from the date of receipt is worthy of the decision of the financial backer. Requires that the premises be restored to the state in which the tenant left them.reminiscing about my energy retrofit specialist, the energy saving job specialist.

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Another limitation: The letter must specify which firm will do the work. Thus, the text appears to exclude the lessee’s own realization. The project must also comply with the energy performance stipulated in the decree of March 22, 2007 on the technical characteristics and energy performance of existing buildings. If you do the work yourself, unless you are a professional in the field, it will be difficult to demonstrate that the required performance has been achieved.

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