Stuffed with asbestos becomes unpopular, ex-aircraft carrier Foch to sink in Atlantic


The tragic end of the famous French aircraft carrier Le Foch, now belonging to Brazil.

Brazilian authorities said on Thursday that the USS Foch would be sunk. The flagship of the French army was sold to Brazil in 2000 after 37 years of service under the tricolor flag, so it will eventually sink to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

However, the 266-meter vessel was filled with asbestos, paint and other toxic waste. That’s why this tragic fate was reserved for him.The Brazilian Navy said in a statement that given its degraded state and “high risk” The wreck represents circumstances, and she will not be able to return to port.

The boat was bought by Brazil for US$12 million in September 2000. Therefore, it sails under the name of São Paulo. In the end, it’s not a good deal at all. The ship was in poor condition and survived several fires, killing 4 people.A full refurbishment was conceived at one point, but was abandoned as too costly, and the Brazilian Navy

appeal to president lula Basel Action Network concerns “Major environmental crime at sea”committed “Using False Pretexts”Indicates a point.

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