“Special skills of paramedics are not being fully mobilized”

The bill introduced by Stéphanie Rist (Renaissance) to develop direct access (i.e. access to certain professionals such as advanced practice nurses, physical therapists and speech therapists without going through a doctor) and to expand the skills of some paramedical professions has already Clear its initial content. This is a shot in the dark. Also read the forum: Article reserved for our subscribers “Users of the health system need to take specific steps to get the right professionals at the right time” Direct access is limited to coordinated workout structures, which are small in volume and will have no impact on access to care Impact. This will make it difficult for patients to identify care paths and undermine users’ equal rights. Patients will not see any improvement. Likewise, the status of the reference nurse disappeared with the repeal of the Valletoux Act. Let’s face it, the government, like lawmakers, is backing down. However, by 2023, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Research, there will be 6.8 million people over the age of 75, and a third of France’s population will be over 60 before the end of the decade. A health tsunami that threatens to overwhelm our health system has begun. Aging populations and shifting needs have exacerbated difficulties in accessing care related to hospital emergencies and the crisis of medical deserts. More than 6 million patients lack access to primary care physicians, and more than 600,000 of them are chronically ill. Dealing with this situation is a major challenge and a critical juncture for our country. Refocusing Medical Resources In recent years, paramedical health professionals have been prepared to meet this challenge. Their training levels have improved significantly. Despite this, their own skills are not fully mobilized, while they are often able to meet many needs by increasing the speed of care at an appropriate level. Likewise, contributions from medical assistants, dental assistants, pharmacy assistants, and laboratory technicians can increase treatment times by improving the work organization of the medical professionals who employ them. Also read the forum: Article reserved for our subscribers “In the absence of a minimum supply of care, a two-level hospital system will emerge” Aware of the situation and potential of these professionals throughout the territory, the President of the Republic calls for greater Multiple group patient care. Nowhere is this more apparent than the need to refocus medical resources that have become scarce on the most complex cases by delegating all possible resources. Other health professionals are ready for this. You still have 39.69% of this article to read. The following is for subscribers only.

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