SNCF beats Transdev to win first tender in Haute-France

The Hauts-de-France region announced on Wednesday, March 1, 2023 that despite repeated tensions with the railway companies over the delays and deletions of the TER, it has decided to entrust SNCF to operate the regional trains in the Amiens region following a tender. “It was not difficult to choose between the two candidates,” said SNCF Voyageurs and operator Transdev, a subsidiary of Caisse des dépôts, a source close to the case said. “In terms of ratings, SNCF leads. There are no photos: we take the best,” she added, confirming information from specialist website Mobilettre. The tender for the batch of “Star of Amiens”, “Star of Amiens”, 17% of Hauts-de-France TERs, was launched in summer 2020. The contract will start at the end of 2024 and will last for nine years. According to people familiar with the matter SNCF Voyageurs has committed to a regular target of 98.5% with a 9.5% increase in supply, sources said. The fines will be multiplied fourfold and the district can terminate the contract without paying damages if it is at fault. “When SNCF wants, SNCF can! ’, welcoming Xavier Bertrand, the boss of LR in the Haute-France region, emphasizing the company’s commitment to “doing the same better”. SNCF. Hauts-de-France has even suspended payments to operators. SNCF also announced on Monday the appointment of a new director in charge of the region’s “performance recovery plan,” Bertrand Gosselin, former director-general of French-Belgian firm Thalys.”Daily Remove a hundred trains” “We, we expect action”, we react in the entourage of Xavier Bertrand. “Currently, 60 drivers are still missing in the region and 100 trains are canceled every day. “European law requires all regions to compete for rail traffic from December 2023, calling for tenders to gradually allocate a “significant” number of local lines to new operators. So far, PACA’s first two tenders Already over 2021, Transdev won the Marseille-Nice rail line, while SNCF Voyageurs won the line around Nice. The operator is now awaiting tenders for the line around Nantes in the Loire region and the T4 and T11 tram lines in the Ile-de-France result.

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