RN and LR deputies seize constitutional council

The law to speed up renewable energy is being challenged before the constitutional committee, two days after it was passed by parliament. Representatives of the National Rally (RN), then the Republican Party (LR), seized on the body to challenge several measures in the text voted on Tuesday, February 7, which they announced on Thursday.

RN scathing in press release “Dive headlong into intermittent energy” and “Wind and Solar Hall”.

In a constitutional committee that presented it to AFP, far-right groups argued the law created a “tiebreaker” Between renewable energy producers and other energy companies.

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The RN aims to establish a tariff modulation mechanism to support renewable energy projects in regions that are less favorable from a meteorological point of view (Article 3 bis B).The group also pointed out “Guarantee Fund to Compensate a Part of the Economic Losses Due to the Cancellation of Environmental Authorizations by Administrative Judges” (Article 5a).

Wind turbines’ so-called ‘troublesome thing’

The RN representative also attacked the recognition of necessary reasons for the primary public interest of certain renewable energy projects (Article 4), a measure designed to limit certain controversies.In their eyes, she “Constitutes an unreasonable advantage both in fact and in law, leaving the trial’s arms clearly unbalanced in favor of the energy operator”.

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Marine Le Pen’s team dropped throughout the debate against the bill, attacking “nuisance” Wind Turbines. ‘It ruins our landscape’That “Twisting eyes and brains”Finally let go of the deputy Pierre Meurin.

In the evening, the representatives of LR successively announced the seizure of the Constitutional Council.Among other criticisms, they cite violations of parity among energy producers, tariff modulation, and “Violation of Fair Trial Rights” Article 4 on the necessary grounds that the public interest prevails over all.

Unlike his Senate colleagues, Representative LR also opposed the bill, which was broadly adopted in the Senate.

Time limit for submission to the Constitutional Council to suspend the promulgation of laws. He has a month to decide.

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