RB Leipzig: Nkunku coming back soon

09:36Belgium: Tedesco on the bench (official) 09:24EdF: Benzema, his personal trainer insists 08:59Manchester United: A takeover offer from Qatar? 08:42RB Leipzig: Nkunku coming back soon 08:23Milan: Ibrahimovic, Friday? 02/07OM: Dante class with Vitinha 02/07PSG: Ready for Wijnaldum Roma? 02/07Ita. : Vlahovic shines, Juve roll 02/07Tottenham: Kane, England’s door shut 02/07MdC: Al-Hilal advances to final 02/07OM: Ospina pays tribute to Sanchez 02/07Montpellier: Expected return of Der Zakarian 02/07PSG: Ramos, negative trend… 02/07Juventus: Pogba, Calvo’s development 02/07OM: Sanchez, Tudor defend his management 02/07Lyon: Rosen beat Aulas! 02/07PSG: Pressing, Galtier responds 02/07Belgium: Tedesco appointment soon? 02/07OM: Tudor Patient and Vitinha 02/07Real Madrid: Vinicius, Ancelotti angry 02/07Video: Fusion Commanderie Fans 02/07Montpellier: Applause for the Pitau (official) 02/07PSG: Marseille, Galtier ignored 02/07OM: Tudor, Rolex and Coffee 02/07Lille: Fonseca ends Ltang episode 02/07PSV: Ruud van Nistelrooy confirmed as substitute for Simmons 02/07OM: Jon did not underestimate Paris Saint-Germain 02/07Real: Grenier responds to Vinicius controversy 02/07Paris Saint-Germain: Galtier reveals Neymar news 02/07OM: Tavares abstains from Paris Saint-Germain 02/07Manchester City: Ex-Reds provocateur 02/07Fiorentina: Chelsea try Amrabat! 02/07Paris Saint-Germain: Galtier judges Zael Emery’s level 02/07Chelsea: One of the All Blacks’ reinforcements! 02/07Shot: F. Haise – “Not There to Keep Silent” 02/07PSG: Donnarumma more free?Galtier responds 02/07MF poll: Varane, an understanding decision 02/07Lille:Ismaili out for 2 months 02/07PSG: A way to build a pitch! 02/07Al-Nassr: About Busquets’ big contract! 02/07Paris Saint-Germain: Investigation into ‘hiding jobs’ 02/07Balla: Ronaldinho’s son will sign! 02/07Real: Ancelotti under pressure 02/07Manchester City: No sanctions this season? 02/07Atletico Madrid: Thuram’s new attempt 02/07Manchester City: Mancini’s contract problem? 02/07Al-Nassr: Gustavo’s CR7 is more difficult 02/07Paris Saint-Germain: Riolo opposes Messi’s contract extension 02/07Paris Saint-Germain: R. Mabille – “We were tough on Neymar” 02/07Manchester United: Osimhen 120m? 02/07Frankfurt: Mattis thinks Kolomouani is important 02/07Turkey: Atsu emerges alive from the rubble 02/07Roma: Zaniolo heads to Galatasaray 02/07Frankfurt: Magath scared by Kolomouani 02/06Newcastle: Saint-Maxime explains his options 02/06L2: Metz insists on using the correct wagon 02/06Barra: Busquets will miss the first leg against Mohamed 02/06Paris Saint-Germain: Neymar wins the Samba d’Or 02/06Auxerre: Pulissier defends Niang 02/06Paris Saint-Germain: Galtier wants Diaby 02/06Nice: Dante sees Todibo in EdF 02/06Montpellier: Severe punishment for Nicolin? 02/06Ita. : Lazio still hold on 02/06OM: Rosen warns Tudor 02/06PSG: Kimpembe still wants to know 02/06Real Madrid: Benzema and Courtois absent 02/06Photo: Rmy in Brest jersey 02/06Lance: Balogun’s pessimism 02/06Barra: Xavi congratulates Rafinha 02/06Manchester United: De Gea is confident about his future 02/06Real Madrid: Atletico Madrid contact Ceballos 02/06Lyon: Blanc reflects on importance of CdF 02/06Barra: Swell, Kunde’s apology 02/06Qatar: Sign Queiroz (official) 02/06Dortmund: Bellingham, Real Madrid? 02/06Leeds United: Marsch in action (official) 02/06Nantes: Juve, Kombouar angry 02/06Barra: Alba wants to take his chance 02/06Bayern: Matas ruined Neuer! 02/06Troyes: Dingom libr by Al Fateh (Part 2) 02/06Manchester United: Greenwood going to China? 02/06Lyon: Lacazette’s message to fans 02/06VIDEO: Footage ironically turns on VAR! 02/06OM: Good, Lopez apologizes to fans 02/06Milan: Galli beats Rossoneri 02/06Manchester City: The club’s reaction 02/06Konya Sports: Isco’s choice 02/06Milan: Leo substitutes, Pioli has no regrets 02/06Leon: Sonny Anderson coming up with an idea soon? 02/06Video: Conte congratulates Kane on record break 02/06PSG: CM Donnarumma’s mistake 02/06project. : City charged with financial irregularities! 02/06OM: Lirola on the way to Alanyaspor? 02/06Real: Ancelotti flies to Vinicius’ help 02/06Juventus: Pogba, the club calmed the game 02/06OM: Paris Saint-Germain, Guendoz commitment 02/06Manchester City: Holland, Carragher doubt his options 02/06Inter Milan: Fans want to respect Skriniar 02/06OM: Riolo ping Payet! 02/06PSG: Wages must be reduced by 30% 02/06Barra: Xavi refuses to get carried away with this title 02/06PSG: Marquinhos will do well to extend 02/06OM: Tudor doesn’t force its players 02/06VIDEO: Diop’s Failed Celebration 02/06Balla: Xavi worried about Busquets 02/05Nice: Laborde and his deal with Murphy 02/05L1: Ranking of scorers 02/05OM: Premiere of Tudor judges Vitinha 02/05Nice: Digard explains his game plan 02/05OM: Henry was stunned by Balerdi! 02/05Esp: Bala flew away! 02/05OM: The Root Beans Point to Realism 02/05Ita. : Inter win derby 02/05L1: complete taxonomy 02/05L1: Marseille 1-3 Nice (End) 02/05Inter: Marotta wants Skriniar 02/05Lyon: Grenier dreams of return 02/05Man City: Walker defends Rand 02/05Nottingham: Navas congratulates him on his debut 02/05Real: Ancelotti remains hopeful

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