PS5 DualSense Edge controller makes Elden Ring, Red Dead 2 even better

Sony’s DualSense Edge, a PlayStation 5 controller similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2, will be released on January 26, marking the company’s first foray into pro-level controller variants. In our review, we praised the Edge’s customizability, from its swappable analog sticks, to its trigger stops, to its custom button-mapping profiles — even if its $200 price tag isn’t enough for the tournament space. A little too high for anyone else.

Still, if you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time on your PlayStation 5. I’ve been doing this for the past four days, trying a variety of games (both new and old) to see if the DualSense capabilities of Edge improve the experience. While I definitely don’t think the new variant is essential for Wild West, Between Places, or fun games in the old world, I’ve found that Edge makes some of my favorite PlayStation games feel smoother.

Below, I’ve rounded up five games I’ve played with the Edge to show how the controller’s capabilities can remove small snags, resolve input issues, and lead to a cleaner overall experience.

Ring of Eldon

The protagonist character wields a giant meat cleaver amidst a horde of undead enemies in the Elden Ring

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

As my late grandmother, a talented seamstress who often repaired worn-out shirts and jackets, used to say: There are never too many buttons.she’s not talking Ring of Eldenbut she is not no talk Eldon Ring.

Edge’s two extra back buttons seem tailor-made for first-person shooters, where removing either thumb from the analog stick could mean doom (more on that below), but they’re also the best of 2022 A godsend for gaming. By moving the D-Pad Left and D-Pad Right inputs to the corresponding back buttons, I was able to switch between items, spells, and spells without stopping my character during critical moments during intense boss fights. (This game, if you don’t know, has several.) For the same reason, you can also move the sprint/dodge functionality from the circle buttons to one of the back buttons.

Of the two interchangeable back button options, I’m sticking with the clickable half dome variant. The paddle version, while still useful, is more prone to accidental presses, and is far less satisfying under my middle finger. Speaking of middle fingers: fuck you, Malenia.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Arthur Morgan fires with two revolvers

Image: Rockstar Studios/Rockstar Games

This is the classic story. A veritable American myth. Arthur Morgan – gangster, thief, gentleman and talker – roams the dirt avenues of Valentine. The evening air was filled with a strong smell of alcohol. “Hey! Arthur Morgan,” shouted the soon-to-be resident of Pine Coffin. “People tell me you’re quick with a pistol.” He drives his trusty smoking car himself.

“That’s right,” Arthur grumbled back, before he squared his shoulders to his nasty foe. “Faster, now I can fine-tune the analog sensitivity of the DualSense Edge.” A shot was fired, and a man greeted the mud. Another man—Arthur Morgan, if that wasn’t already clear—walked in the sunset.

I really like it Red Dead Redemption 2, But I can also admit that on a purely mechanical level, it’s not goodWhether on purpose or not, it always felt like I was directing Arthur’s movements rather than actually controlling them, whether on horseback or in the close-quarters heat of a bank robbery. Edge’s adjustable stick sensitivity greatly alleviates these frustrations – by switching from the “default” sensitivity to the “precision” setting (six options in total), Arthur’s floating aim can now fly from enemy to enemy, Instead of having to rely on the auto-aim feature, you can make gunfights boring.

(the back button is also very helpful Red Dead Redemption 2 For the same reason as in Ring of Elden — The less time I spend cycling through items with the arrow keys, the better. )

Horizon Forbidden West

After clearing a large dome area in the Forbidden West of Horizon, Aloy aimed her bow at a giant enemy

Image: Guerrilla Games via Polygon

as in Red Dead Redemption 2, Horizon Forbidden West Benefit greatly from Edge’s adjustable stick sensitivity. In this case, however, I found the “stabilization” option the most useful, prioritizing smooth and steady movement and aiming over twitchy flicks. It lets me fine-tune my aim when I’m sniping specific machine parts from a distance, but it also allows for controlled hip shots when the same enemy is approaching the distance.

Finally, the back button is also a lifesaver here. (See the pattern?) I know the main character, Aloy, has a a lot of The tools and weapons at her disposal, the designers at Guerilla Games did their best to fit them all onto a regular controller, but moving my thumbs over the D pad for health items or exploding traps during an intense monster hunt kept Not ideal. The back button completely solves this problem.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Players defend a control point in Ground Warfare in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer

Image: Infinity Ward/Activision via Polygon

This is where Edge really starts to shine. The aforementioned back button and adjustable sensitivity options are nice, but the ability to switch between preset profiles on the fly is very useful.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 also has this ability, but the PlayStation 5’s pop-up menu makes the process a breeze. When holding down either of the “function” buttons (the paddles below each analog), I can press a face button and switch to the corresponding profile. Using the profile titled “Forbidden West” switches the analog sensitivity back to “Steady,” along with fine-tuned deadband and back button inputs. Using the profile labeled “Red Dead” will switch back to what I think is the best setting for Arthur.

You can use this function to get more specific information: in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, I changed all four preset profiles according to the load I use in multiplayer.This allows me to switch between ideal settings for a sniper, heavy gunner, close range attacker, etc., with speed vs. modern warfare 2 Allow me to switch classes.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Playing as Marcus Kruber's Huntsman career, the player aims a downed arrow at a Ratman enemy in Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Fatshark via Polygon

It’s a nearly five-year-old game that most vividly highlights the benefits of DualSense Edge. Yes, the back button once again allows for easier switching between potions, books, and dynamite that were previously attributed to the D-pad. Yes, preset profiles are not just for switching between different characters, but for different classes within each character roster. I spent most of Sunday leveling up Marcus Kruber, constantly switching between his mercenary, hunter, and foot knight classes, each thriving with varying degrees of analog sensitivity and haptic feedback strength.

but in games that involve a lot of Pushing, stabbing, clubbing, slicing, smashing, swinging, shooting, blocking and piercing, all of the Edge’s features I appreciate most more than the ability to tweak the “stop” zones of the R2 and L2 triggers. By lowering the notches next to each trigger to a minimum, the triggers then stop to about a quarter of their usual depth. Swinging my halberd no longer meant pressing a deep trigger over and over again, but pressing a shallow button over and over again. It sounds trivial, but it saves my fingers a lot of stress on higher difficulties.Adjustable trigger stops, combined with custom profiles and extra button space, make enjoyment easier than ever Warhammer: Vermintide 2Intense battle brand.

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