“Pollution of the poorest has been part of the modus operandi for decades”

I understand that PFAS are poorly regulated at European level due to lack of scientific research. So, do PFAS have an impact on human health? Do we know anyone who has gotten sick from direct association with these substances?

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The gap in regulations is mainly due to the slow progress of the law in terms of knowledge (classic), but also due to the fact that PFAS number in thousands (at least 10,000, maybe millions) and the substance of European regulations working one by one. Only a few of them are regulated (PFOA, PFOS, and a dozen others). This is why the general restriction of PFAS that is being discussed at European level is historic, as it would immediately ban the entire household.

Numerous studies have documented the effects of exposure to PFAS on human health. There are now 15 diseases linked to these substances. Studies on humans have mostly been carried out in hot spots, such as around factories or places contaminated by the use of firefighting foam.

Among these conditions: decreased birth weight in babies, fertility, or a child’s immune response to vaccines; increased risk of breast, kidney, or testicular cancer; thyroid disease; ulcerative colitis; increased cholesterol and blood pressure, and preeclampsia in pregnant women ; Cardiovascular risk.

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