Nicky Larson 2 by Philippe Lacheau: "We are asked to follow up every day!" – AlloCine

  1. Philippe Lacheau’s Nicky Larson 2: “We’re being asked to do sequels every day!”AlloCine
  2. Nicky Larson and Cupid’s Perfume (M6): The Deception of Chantal Ladesou’s Undressing Sceneteleleisure
  3. Nicky Larson and Cupid’s Fragrance: Philippe Lachaux Fears
  4. Tonight’s TV programme, Friday 3 February 2023: Film Nicky Larson with Dorothée (M6), VTEP Space Mission (TF1), The Watchmakers of Saint-Paul (France 5)…Anylatele
  5. Nicky Larson and Cupid (M6): Which pop culture figure was the character of Pamela Anderson inspired by?teleleisure
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