National Assembly votes in favor of minimum connection age

Updated on 03/03/2023 17:15

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The National Assembly votes at first reading to establish a majority within 15 years. what is it about Journalist Caroline Motte explains this to us on the set of Friday, March 3rd and December 13th.

On Friday, March 3, the National Assembly voted with a 15-year-old majority.This means “registering on a social network such as Tik TokSnapchat or Instagram, children under the age of 15 must have parental consent”, noted Caroline Motte, a journalist who attended the 12/13 set. This decision was based on rather worrying figures: “According to the CNIL, National committees for Computing and Freedoms take an average of eight and a half years to register for the first time on a social network”, continues the reporter.

Sanctions for non-implementation of the measure

The French are “very happy with it, and according to a study by IFOP, 77% think that extending the majority to 15 years is a good thing”, describes Caroline Motte. But how will this be implemented. “Platforms will have to develop solutions to verify age or request parental consent. Some ideas, such as bank imprints or facial recognition, are being researched, but no decisions have been made yet,” the reporter said. Companies that don’t play the game can be fined up to 1% of their global turnover.

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