National Assembly votes for majority at 15

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To protect children from excessive social networking, the National Assembly voted in its first reading on Friday 3 March to establish mandatory parental agreements for those under 15 who want to register on the platform.

Tik TokFacebook, even Instagram… In theory, you have to be 13 to sign up, but in practice, it’s child’s play to get around the rules. “I changed my date of birth and said I was over 13,” admitted one young girl. This technique is widely used. In France, the average first registration on the Internet is done at the age of 8. At the age of 12, 58% of children are active on at least one social network.

Text must be voted on in the Senate

To limit access, the National Assembly has just fixed the majority at 15 years. Below this age, parental consent is required. According to important decisions of the association E. Childhood 35,000 calls a year about cyberbullying or revenge Porn. The way to verify a user’s age is still to be determined. The prescribed penalty is dissuasive for the platform, which will be able to pay up to 1% fine their turnover. The text must now be voted on by the Senate.

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