National Assembly rejects €1 meal for all students by one vote

Almost a voice. The National Assembly on Thursday 9 February rejected with great precision the text of the Socialist Party representative proposing that all students receive meals for 1 euro – a price today reserved for scholarship recipients and unstable.

After first reading review, the bill’s fate was decided by one vote (183 ” for”184 ” be opposed to”), the president’s camp, hostile to the measure, rejected the recall in extreme fashion in a final vote. Seven LR delegates also voted against (four abstentions). The text was backed by the entire left, as well as by delegates from national rallies.

“I’m disappointed that, apart from one vote, the national meal of 1 euro was written into law, but the most disappointed today are the students”Socialist MP Fatiha Keloua-Hachi said she made the article part of a day reserved for her group. “Renaissance and LR representatives rejected our offer (…) Meals are 1 Euro for all students. Let all students have enough to eat. The battle continues”react in tweets The group’s president, Boris Vallaud.

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An “inflammatory” measure

The first victory vote on the amendment hinted at a possible victory for socialism before the president’s camp mobilized delegates for a final vote.Macronist representatives object to a measure being judged “unfair”insisting it would also benefit students from wealthy backgrounds.

MP Anne Brugnera (Renaissance) Fixtures “inflammatory”. “Thanks to you, the children of your friend Bernard Arnault can go to Crous and pay only one euro”, adds his colleague Sylvain Maillard. Alexandre Portier (LR) request, for his part, the condition of getting the price of 1 euro is the promise “Work two hours a week to serve the local community”.

Higher Education Minister Sylvie Retacleau opposed the measure, which she estimated would cost at least “90 million euros”. She highlighted the existence of a social tariff on meals targeting “difficult students”. During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, the €1 meal fee has been temporarily extended to all students.

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as specified releasean EELV parliamentary source confirmed that some environmental representatives – notably the group’s president, Cyrielle Chatelain – were unable to attend Thursday’s vote, however nervous, because of their involvement in the barge in Paris.

Asked about it, Socialist representative leader Boris Vallaud put their absence in perspective: “The subject is not those who were able to vote, but those who voted no. No sham trials”he asked. “Macronie, the rich and despised the party, refuses to provide 1 euro for meals for all students (90 million), but adds 100 million in free aid to businesses”for his part, stood up on twitter Rebel French leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

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