MEPs Eva Kaili and Marc Tarabella remain in pretrial detention

The Belgian Justice Ministry on Friday, March 3, again extended the pretrial detention of Eva Kelly and Marc Talabella, two elected MEPs suspected of corruption for the benefit of Qatar and Morocco. “The preventive detention of the two suspects was extended by two months and one month respectively”announced the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office in a press release.

The elected Greek, who has been jailed for nearly three months, and the Belgian MEP, who has also been suspended by the Socialist and Democratic (S&D) group, deny the charges. Their continued detention was decided on February 16 by the Brussels Council Chamber, the controlling court for the order.

Marc Tarabella’s lawyer, Maxim Töller, who was indicted and jailed on February 11, reaffirmed his client’s innocence on Friday. “We will continue to work to get innocent people out of prison (…)he had nothing to reproach himself, and never received any money or gift in exchange for his opinion”The lawyer reacted in a statement sent to the press.

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“Repentant” Panzeri

Three people are currently in pre-trial detention in Belgium in the blockbuster investigation for allegedly pleading with foreign powers over years of European Parliament decisions in exchange for money. Except MI Mr. Kaili and Tarabella, together with Pier Antonio Panzeri, former Ministry of Environmental Protection (2004-2019) and central figure of this document.this “repent” Negotiating a limited prison sentence in exchange for a promise to hand over to investigators everything he knows about a corrupt scheme he admits to orchestrating.

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On February 11, a fourth suspect, Andrea Cozzolino of the Italian Ministry of Environmental Protection, was arrested in Italy and subsequently placed under house arrest. He is being challenged in Italian courts over his surrender to Belgium under an international arrest warrant.

Finally, Parliamentary Assistant Francesco Giorgi, close to Mr. Panzeri and a companion of Mr. Panzeri.I Carey was fitted with an electronic wristband in late February, more than two months after being detained in Belgium. He was part of the first wave of arrests in Brussels on Dec. 9, when investigators got hold of 1.5 million euros in bags or suitcases of cash.

For the past three months, Qatar and Morocco have vehemently denied they were the source of any corruption.

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