Mega jackpot for Friday 3 March 2023 draw [EN LIGNE]

million euro result. The EuroMillions draw for Friday 3 March 2023 has been held. Has the huge jackpot of 130 million euros been won? Here are today’s results.

[Mis à jour le 3 mars 2023 à 21h49] It’s time for sentencing! Did you hit the jackpot? This Friday’s (3 March 2023) EuroMillions draw offers a mega jackpot of €130 million. Something to envy. But now, everyone has their eyes on his fate. Euromillions results can be found below. did you win Also don’t forget to check your My Million code. If you haven’t found a Euromillions result yet, you can still walk away with a million euros:

03/03/2023 draw

  • 3 – 6 – 8 – 24 – 50 stars: 10 – 11
  • My million: VB 581 8468

Everyone is free to place their bets and try to win the huge €130 million jackpot this Friday night. Do you think your luck is less than the jackpot offered by the lottery? Think again! It’s not like this. Your chances are exactly the same. Of course they are not high, it is indeed a chance in 139,838,160, but after all to earn the big jackpot! But be aware that if few people can find the EuroMillions results, then it is possible… a few players can get the winning combination of the day.

Unfortunately, in this case, instead of each player winning €130 million, the jackpot of €130 million is split evenly among the winners. So, in a particularly extreme case, 130 million people could have managed to find a Euromillions result, and each of them would have walked away with… one euro. Immediately let you reduce fantasy earnings, we grant you. Fortunately, the odds of this happening are even lower than the odds of your ticket winning the prize in this battle.

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