Marine Le Pen confirms national rally will vote in favor of Nupes motion to reject

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3:03 pm : That’s it, the LIOT panel, accompanied by Nupes, will present a new referendum motion. Thus 58 signatures were collected. #DirectAN #retirements

3:02 pm : While the Liberty, Independence, Overseas and Territories (LIOT) group of 20 representatives has put forward a new referendum motion, thus aiming to suspend the legislative process on the legal text so that it can be brought to a referendum, according to our correspondent Margaux Duguet Tweet in a room with 4 columns.

2:57 p.m. : Marine Le Pen speaks and assures RN delegates will vote “unwaveringly” against Nupes’ motion. “I hope Nupes will withdraw its thousands of redundant amendments,” she said.

2:57 p.m. : In just over an hour, the deliberations on pension reform will begin in the semicircular Congress. Marine Le Pen, president of the parliamentary Rally National (RN) team, spoke at a press conference a few minutes earlier, our correspondent Thibaud Le Meneec reported on the ground.

1:21 pm : Except for the Île-de-France and Occitanie regions, most parts of the country are closed on Saturdays, and Region B (Marseille, Nantes, Rennes, Lille, Strasbourg, etc.) is closed on the first day.Union has decided not to penalize travelers and condemns “IIncendiary debate about the right to strike”launched by the government according to them.

1:16 pm : SNCF union not calling for strike on Saturday, day of mobilization and rest, but tasking rail workers “Participate in Hong Kong-wide demonstrations”.

12:43 p.m. : Good morning @mark. I can’t go into detail about them on site…but if you want to know where tomorrow’s meeting is scheduled, you can check the union websites that list these meetings, such as Unsa. Or visit the France 3 website for your region. For example, for Centre-Val-de-Loire a map can be used.

12:43 p.m. : Good morning. Do you have details of the event scheduled for tomorrow?Thanks in advance

12:39 : The news stipulates that between 900,000 and 1.1 million people will take part in demonstrations against the pension reform project tomorrow, Franceinfo has learned from sources familiar with the matter. Information estimates that between 40,000 and 70,000 people will be mobilized in Paris. Gatherings are planned in 190 cities.

12:21 p.m. : 🎙 @olivierveran will be featuring @SamuelEtienne and @ChristelleMeral on the @franceinfo Twitch channel this Monday. He’ll answer your questions on the eve of a new day of mobilization against pension reform. Ask your questions 👉

12:23 p.m. : On the eve of a new day of mobilization against pension reform, government spokesman Olivier Véran is the guest of Samuel Etienne and Christelle Méral on franceinfo’s Twitch channel from 7 pm. If you have any questions about the minister feel free to ask in the comments. Thanks:)

11:58 : Hi, you started working between the ages of 20 and 21, with Elisabeth Borne’s announcement, are you finally able to benefit from long-term career planning? 20H de France 2 is interested in the testimony you filmed. You can contact them at the following address:

11:51 am : In a press release, the Union of Local Businesses (U2P), which represents artisans, traders and freelancers, asked “Assets that start earlier are active for the same duration as other assets”. A third French employers’ organization expressed support for the pension reform project when it was proposed last month, announcing its “membership” Take measures “responsibility”.

11:46 : “Sometimes it’s important to stand up to the pressure of public opinion and not always just say what’s expected of us.”

On franceinfo this morning, Aurore Bergé writes after the pension reform. Members of Yvelines recognize “This is a difficult reform because it requires the efforts of millions of French people”.

11:36 : information provided to participants 900,000 to 1.1 million people A demonstration against the pension reform project will be held tomorrow, according to a person familiar with the matter. The forecast was lower than the intelligence rating on Jan. 31, the last day of mobilization. Information estimates that between 40,000 and 70,000 people will be mobilized in Paris. Gatherings are planned in 190 cities.

11:31 am : Are you retired? Have you decided not to use mutual insurance? Do you feel the level of premium you are paying is too high compared to your benefits? The French 20-hour newspaper is interested in your filmed testimony 2. Please contact us at

11:02 : Clément Beaune believes in LCI, establishing a minimum transport service is “a slogan”And Senator LR wants to introduce a bill to ban strikes on busy days. “I don’t like slogans and repetitive debates”the representative of the Minister of Transport said.

10:33 am : “Is there any reason for Republican representatives not to vote for this reform?”

Bruno Le Maire at Inter Milan believes that the changes made by the government to the pension reform bill concerning the extension of the long-term career system for those who start working between the ages of 20 and 21 meet the demands of the LR representative.

10:28 : Just because some people are in great shape at 65 doesn’t mean everyone is! ! Oddly, some people don’t specify what they do, it’s not the same 43 year old sitting at a desk vs 43 year old with a tray and waking up at 10am! Also, in the public interest, we defend them that their premiums are not taxed, but they benefit from the premiums! ! Gifts, holidays…they must have something to spend during their rtt!

10:28 : My husband is 67 years old, healthy and retired, but he likes to work part time at the ski resort for fun. Everyone has their own story, everyone has their own health conditions, some people look good for their age, some don’t…generalizations are not the solution.

10:28 : I am 25 years old. I work as a guide, I love it, I thrive in it. But this job is not all of my life, there are family, friends, relatives. It is not a question of no longer being worthwhile to work, of not wanting to work, but of working under better conditions, of having a better living and working environment. That’s why I’m going to walk the streets for as long as I can, fighting for this reform to be undone.

10:28 : Hi FI, I’m going to demo tomorrow because I don’t want to work before 64++. My dad left at 61 and retired for a year (salary worker). My best friend, whose father left after 6 months (construction career). Another friend, his father retired for one year (Ren). So I’m already not sure if I’ll ever reach retirement age, also, I’m a market gardener, so I think backs and knees would have stopped a long time ago… I also think a lot of people will be sick before 64 /disability or whatever… let’s bring back the ISF, tax stock market income, CAC40 is still the best year in 2022! We know where the money is!

10:28 : Like many of the other reviewers I agree with, it is clear we must have pension reform. This is already the only possible way in which all French people have the same rights, the same retirement benefits, contrary to the current situation of particular inequality. Of course, this is the only way to ensure that future generations can enjoy pay-as-you-go pensions like we do now. What (or who) stands for Martinez or Mélenchon? Less than 10% French between them, but they managed to stop the country, putting a spoke on the wheel of growth. We have the largest European economy, which has strengthened every year since 2017. Sustaining the growth we all benefit from also means pension reform.

10:28 : In live commentary, you started the debate on pension reform in front of delegates.

10:14 am : “Members of Congress are supposed to represent the people. But when they pass laws that are the opposite of what the people want, there’s a problem with democracy.”

Philippe Martinez estimates that the passage of the French 2 pension reform project will bring “Democratic Questions”. He warned that his union would continue to mobilize under the circumstances.

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