Man with Down syndrome rides his nephew; internet calls it ‘precious’

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023 14:58 IST

A man with Down syndrome proudly takes his nephew for a ride.  (Image source: Twitter)

A man with Down syndrome proudly takes his nephew for a ride. (Image source: Twitter)

In order to realize his wish, the family introduced the lawn mower to the uncle and nephew.

A heartwarming video of an uncle with Down syndrome granting his wish to take his nephew for a drive has become an online sensation. Disorders caused by genetic disorders of chromosome 21 cause developmental and mental delays that make normal activities, including driving, a difficult task for sufferers. It’s also why the guy in the clip thinks he’ll never be able to drive a car by himself. However, after seeing other people driving their nephews, it was his deepest desire to do the same.

In order to satisfy his innate desire, the family came up with a way to let the uncle and nephew ride the lawn mower. Now, clips of the pair enjoying a joyous ride outside their home have won the hearts of many online. If the video is any indication, the uncle seemed very happy and proud as his nephew sat on his lap. In the video, the uncle first took out the car from what looked like a garage, then picked up the nephew from the door of the house, and then walked around their residence. Twitter page Good News Movement shared the video online with the caption: “Uncle with Down Syndrome can finally drive his nephew around.” Watch the video here:

The video has been viewed more than 10,000 times and has won great praise and adulation from many users of the microblogging site. “The internet (Twitter in particular) needs more accounts posting this kind of stuff,” wrote one.

Another hailed him as a “terrific uncle”.

Meanwhile, one user outright called the uncle-nephew relationship “precious”.

In a similar example, an aspiring country singer from West Virginia went viral after uploading an emotional video of him singing a jam session with his uncle, who has Down syndrome.

In the clip, the duo can be seen playing music while working on a new cover of “He Doesn’t Love Her Anymore.” While the nephew played some musical guitar tunes, his uncle was caught occasionally singing lines from the song. At one point, the two also seemed to hit it off, as they sang passionately together.

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