LIVE – LYON – Brest: OL puts pressure, Sarr in the first minute

Cherki’s exit doesn’t help OL

Since the release of the playmaker, we’ve felt less creativity and variety in the Lyon game. Cherki was present in all OL situations tonight, not many since his release.

Malo Gusto for Lacazette!

The right connected the centre-forward a few minutes later, but the man found Lacazette well. On the other hand, he was in a position that was too difficult for him to shoot properly.

Kudos again!

What against Brest! After a Lyon corner, the Breton shot 1,000 shots an hour. In two passes, Honorat pierced the central axis defense. He met Lopez, but ended up kicking the wrong foot, and from a narrow angle, he wasn’t a good fit. OL is hot.

Honorat is very close!

Panic swept through Parc OL. Honorat’s free kick was passed not far from Lopez’s skylight, but OL finally played well.

Foul by Mendes

The Brazilian had already provided Brest with a well-placed free kick as soon as he came on the field.

Diomandé complements Duverne’s performance

Nice tackle, Brest swept everyone. As the last quarter of the hour approaches, the Bretons will no doubt begin to ponder whether they should attack or defend the draw.

Rookie Thrall comes on

He came on in place of Rayan Cherki. He was welcomed by Parc OL. Considering Cherki’s activities tonight, there are some surprising changes one could imagine pulling away from Barcola. Thiago Mendes also came on in place of Tolisso.

Bizo joins the parade!

Caqueret played well with a direct shot. Perhaps a tribute to Juninho. Bizo, who took a step forward, came back to his senses, and stepped back a corner.

OL nice free kick

Lacazette was brought down by Lara in the corner of the penalty area. It wasn’t the Brest defender’s smartest mistake. It gave Lyon a good free-kick and Caguiere would have dealt with it.

Brest sticks his head out of the water

For a few minutes, the Breton went through several stages of possession. Even as OL continues to recover quickly, they are giving themselves some breathing room.

Elis replaces Mounié

This is Albert Elis’ first game at his new club. He arrived from Bordeaux a few days ago.

Lopez saves a free kick

In Honorat’s free-kick, the Lyon goalkeeper’s save was not very academic. But the essence is ok, it’s in a corner.

OL was not there at the end

Lyon had 20 shots and still no goals. Only 6 attempts to hit the target. There was a big finishing problem tonight, especially for the offensive trio of Lacazette-Barcola-Cherki.

Diomeded in a corner!

The Lyon defender won in the air but his header missed.

Cherki is a bit greedy

Served by Baccola, Cherki tried to dribble to eliminate a defender in front of the penalty area. He probably should have hit the ball immediately on that shot, but he missed the ball, but he went on to be involved in all of the OL’s shots.

Lacazette of the head

On Caguiere’s long pass, Lacazette tried to straighten the ball with his header, but it was complicated. It was captured by Bizot.

Lara finds Mounié

The Brest striker’s header went over but Mooney took over for Gusteau.

CHERKI still offers jobs to BIZOT

The Brest goalkeeper did not stop. Controlling, an instant left-footed shot, Cherki tried to surprise him from outside the box, but to no avail, he diverted for a corner.


Another hot shot from the Brest defense line! Cherki moved Gusteau well and his center forward was taken over by Lacazette. The Lyon captain was countered by Hérelle as his shot from close range was sure to be on goal.

Aminsar leaves to warm up

The Lyon rookie could play in the second quarter.

Kamala’s recovery!

This is a warning to OL. Even if it is the slightest conceded goal, Brest will perform vividly. Here, Honorat broke through the defense and passed back to Camara, whose shot flew over the goal.

here we go again

OL kicks off in the second half, and everything goes without saying.

it’s rest time in lyon

0-0 between OL and Brest. The Lyonians were aggressive in the first period, Cherki made all the right moves, but Bizo intervened in front of Lacazette and Bacola at the end of the game every time. All that has yet to be done for Laurent Blanc’s men.

BARCOLE is still at BIZOT

A wonderful mix between Lacazette, Cherki and Barcola. Until the end, the strike possibility came back, but it lacked the power to deceive the well-folded Bizot. It started to create many unrealized opportunities for OL.

Lepenant for Cherki

Inside the box, Cherki was taken over by the Brest defense. No matter what happens, all actions go through him.

Barkla strikes back again

Once again he was placed in a favorable position by Cherki.

Lyons ask for a hand

At the corner of the Caqueret, Le Douaron touched it with his hand as he came into contact with Tagliafico. But the referee didn’t say anything, as if he couldn’t blow it out.


Lyon’s corner was short and Cherki shot from the right after getting rid of two players. It was diverted by the Camara, which is not far from tricking Bizot with impossible trajectories. Finally, it’s a new corner.

Brasil takes a corner

It was a necessary intervention since Baccola diverted the goal for Lacazette. Brest had struggled for a quarter of an hour to get free.

Cherki for Lepenant

Cherki mobilized several Brest defenders again before serving to Lepenant, who nonetheless had a shot countered. But as a playmaker, Cherki was everywhere at the start of the game.

the ball is obviously lyon

Brest managed to take a few shots at the start of the game but that is no longer the case and the OL midfield has completely taken over the game.

Toliso try his luck

The strike could have been tricky but was caught by Bizot without issue.

Gusto Link Center

They were either in Bizo’s arms or repulsed by Brest’s defense, temporarily wary of the stages.

New bizo parade!

The Dutch hold the house for Brest! Lacazette and Cherki worked well together before the Lyon playmaker delivered to Baccola, who fired a fine cross from the right but was pushed back by Bizo.


After a magnificent dribble in the middle of the penalty area, Cherki sent Lovren back instead of hitting. The Croatian attempted a touch but was countered. OL’s corner, push.

Lacazette stumbled upon Bizot!

This time around, Lacazette used his body well and got into a striking position. But the angle is closed and Bizo can push back for a corner.

Lacazette absorbs on the surface

Lara defended very well, while the Lyon captain tried to play with his body in the box. Lacazette was prevented from striking.

Lyon needs time

Possession ended with a cross from Tagliafico and Lara took the corner. This is the first inning of the game.

Cherki pierces the defense

He tried to dribble on the axis of the surface but was blocked.

Bad service in Belkebla by Mounié

However, Beklebla is doing well and he reaches the Lyon area. In any case, every quick attack from Brest put OL in trouble.

Juninho’s name chanted at the Lyon stadium

Perhaps it was a two-way message, as the Brazilian, who celebrated his birthday this week, was at the heart of a statement made with Jean-Michel Aulas.

Cherki of Kakare

OL responds to the Brest operation. Cherki crossed for Caqueret at the entrance of the area. The midfielder’s header missed the target, but it was fine.

Baccarat in the box!

The young Lyonnais set fire to Brest’s defense and opened up positions to shoot, but he didn’t take his chances and closed the ball.


Another hot shot from the Lyon area. Honora crossed to Kamara, whose recovery didn’t screw up, but got back to Honora, who could fight back. Lopez fought back nicely.

Lovren clears first hot ball

Beautiful Brest offensive, expected to revive soon. After being brought down by Kamara, Honorat looked for his team-mate through the middle, but Lovren cut and made a clearance.

observation phase

In the first few minutes, both teams advanced cautiously. While Lacazette and Baccara were more in front, Cherki seemed to move with great freedom.

we go to lyon

There are few stands, but there is not much hostility towards OL at the moment. The kick-off was officiated by Brestois.

start soon

Opportunity to recall essays.

OL: López-Gusto, Lovren, Diomand, Tagliafico-Lepenen, Caguiere, Tolisso-Bacola, Cherki, Lacazette.

Brest: Bizot – Lala, Duverne, Hérelle, Brassier – Camara, Belkebla, Magnetti – Mounié, Honorat, Le Douarnon.

OL 11th Kickoff

Lyon will start 11th in the table with victories between Reims and Toulouse in the 7pm kick-off. A win would take OL back to 9th and would retake the lead in Clermont, Lille and Lorient.

OL can’t move forward without Lacazette

The Lyon captain has been involved in more than half of his side’s goals in Ligue 1 this season.

Amin Sarr, number 7 on the bench

The 21-year-old striker, bought from Heerenveen for €11m, will sit on the OL bench for the first time as No. 7, having recovered following the departure of Karl Toko Ekambi.

Lyon will have to be wary of set pieces

61% of Brest’s goals in Ligue 1 this season have come from set pieces.

OL finds its way to L1 victory

Olympique Lyon won again in Ligue 1 this weekend, against Ajaccio, thanks to goals from Lepenant and Lacazette, after three games without victories over Clermont, Nantes and Strasbourg. OL will now hope to start a good series, leave the championship in 9th place and move up to a European position.

Brest with Mounié and Honorat, Elis on the bench

A last-minute recruitment from Brest, with Alberth Elis on the bench. Kenny Lara, who arrived in Brittany earlier this month, is the bearer.

Composition of Brest: Bizot – Lala, Duverne, Hérelle, Brassier – Camara, Belkebla, Magnetti – Mounié, Honorat, Le Douaron.

OL without Jeffinho but Thrall on the bench

Amine Sarr, one of Lyon’s winter recruits, was on the bench for this meeting. The same goes for Luqueba, who missed the game against Ajaccio last weekend but returned to the bench. Up front, we find Lacazette surrounded by young Cherki and Baccarat.

Composition of OL: López-Gusto, Lovren, Diomand, Tagliafico-Lepenen, Caguiere, Tolisso-Bacola, Cherki, Lacazette.

Hello, welcome to watch this live broadcast

In the midst of difficulties, Lyon, who is stuck in the weak underbelly of 9th, is 9 points away from the 5th place, and will face Brest, which has just played the hole card against Angers. Consequently, Paris Saint-Germain’s Lajan Cherki was ultimately not joined despite the Parisian club’s delay. It was also Lyon’s first game since Jean-Michel Aulas’ violent appearance on Juninho and the ensuing protests from fans. A game in which rookie Jeffinho was unavailable at the last minute.amine Salhe is part of the group. Compositions will drop around 8pm. Kicks off at 9pm on Canal+ Sport. Watch live games with commentary on the RMC Sport website and app.

The other 9pm games can be watched here and the 7pm game can be watched here.

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