LIVE – Lille beat Rennes at Roazhon Park

Fonseca: “It’s not easy to come here and play”

Paulo Fonseca: “After a tough 15 minutes, the team reacted very positively. The players tried to change the game. It’s not easy to come here and play with grit and ambition. I’m very satisfied with my players. Joy after two goals is a normal reaction, because the game started very difficult. I always believed that it was possible to turn the game around, always. It was a great victory, but now we have to think about the next game.”

it’s over! Lille away 1-3 Rennes!

The Mastiffs won the game after a complicated first 20 minutes and they deserved it. In the opening 30 seconds, Guiri scored the first goal, but Regrova, Cabella and Gomez finally reversed Lille’s dominance.

Andre Gomez made it 1-3!

The Mastiffs took the game to the end and scored a beautiful goal behind Virginius’ crossbar: André Gomes has the ball, kicks it with the sole of his foot and shoots!

Yoro catches up after the first minute of dumpling

A fine tackle prevented Merlin from shooting from the left side of the penalty area. Roazhon Parc rumbled but the 17-year-old defender’s intervention was perfect.

Cabella puts Lear ahead!

Regerova was perfectly blocked by Gomez, and a cross from the right was passed to Cabella, who responded. 1-2!

Lille has also changed

Bamba and David were replaced by Virginius and Bayo.

Recent changes in Rennes

Bourigeaud and Spence were replaced by Salah (no relation, he’s Moroccan from Gantoise) and Meling.

Weah is given a yellow card

Impressive tackles and coming from afar. Fortunately, Roden got up quickly.

Bamba tries a shot from a tight angle

It flew well above Mandanda’s target.

In what direction will the last quarter of an hour swing?

Difficult to say: Lille continued to have the ball and was in good shape, trying to create the final deficit, but Rennes had tough players who could push forward quickly. Regardless, it’s indecisive and enjoyable.

third wren change

Doku replaced Toko Ekambi, who did nothing today but was still applauded by the pitch, which had to change him (except for the first part).

Lille continue to dominate

The Mastiffs were struggling to create chances against Rennes who stayed defensive, but some group sequences turned into a treat.

change on both sides

Tate and Douai were replaced by Ugo Chukwu and Kalimundo in Rennes, and Cabella replaced Angel.

ZHEGROVA Balanced!

What a collective move by Lille, with Angel’s deft backheel capping off Rhegerova’s shot. Kosovo’s first goal in LOSC and 1-1!

ZHEGROVA duel lost!

Or rather, Mandanda wins, staying upright and predicting Kosovo’s lob well. LOSC is going to regret it!

André Gomes shoots from distance, Mandanda bounces and captures

The game was as enjoyable as ever, with the inhabitants of Lille holding back the Bretons.

Gouiri stumbled upon Chevalier

The Rennes striker was not offside, but the Cavaliers stood their ground and blocked the angle well to avoid scoring.

David’s goal disallowed for offside

The Canadian went deep and tricked Mandanda with his toe, but the assistant referee held up the flag. This is confirmed in the video.

As in the first installment, we see strikes immediately

Zhegrova’s shot was deflected wrong, although the referee incorrectly signaled a six-yarder.

here we go again!

We hope for an equally exciting second act.

It’s time to rest! Rennes leads Lille 1-0!

We had a great time, Gouiri scored from the start, he started the game perfectly. Rennes started very strongly, but Lille recovered well and still believed in it (even if their goalkeeper Chevalier did wonders for it).

Knight continues his show!

A new decisive parry on his line. The Lille goalkeeper made his team-mates believe it all the time.

Lille squander potential chances

Regerova missed her first cross after recovering high, but had a second chance. She reaches David, who tries to pass a complicated heel pass to Bamba.

What a chivalrous relaxation!

Another important save from the Lille keeper, who got off to a good start with a shot from the entrance to the ground of Gouiri.

David Cross is too much!

Unlike Gouiri, David did not take advantage of Tait’s technical errors. The Canadien probably took too many putts at once to find the frame at slightly closed angles.

Weah for Ismail

It was position versus position as the US international positioned himself on the left side of the defense.

ismail doesn’t smell good

The Brazilian team will go out for treatment, the bench will be activated…

lille now masters

What has changed from the first quarter of an hour. With the first restart off the frenzy, the Mastiff settled in the Rennes camp, even if it didn’t lead to enough chances.

Bamba can’t draw conclusions

Nice transition from LOSC, from the right to Bamba at the far post. The former ASSE did it twice, but was unable to equalize.

Rennes occupy a place in the opposition area

Andre tries to clear a powerful free-kick that bounces off his thigh and hand. Referees and video don’t return it.

André Gomes / Désiré Doué, the duel of the moment

Rennes collided after receiving the ball with his hands on the ground, and 30 seconds later Lielemann hit back and pinned the ball on him. Yellow is for Andre Gomez.

it calms down a bit

The game got off to a wild start, thanks to Rennes pressing high and Lille pressing low.

Toko Ekambi long distance transplant and hit

All soft, in Chevalier’s arms. However, there are plenty of options around him.

Incredible knight stop!

After 5 minutes after Spence overflowed, the Mastiff could have been out. The ball reached Toko Ekambi at the far post and his shot (which missed) was blocked by Gouiri, who was tripped by an uncanny reflex from Chevalier’s foot.

Rennes scored from the start!

Yoro’s error, he pushed the ball too far and the ball was lost in his penalty area. Gouiri will not miss this product. In less than 30 seconds, 1-0!

let’s go!

Lille tee off on Rennes’ lawn!

Two teams arrive on the lawn

Roazhon Park is as full as an egg (or as full as a 9 as Teddy Sheringham said it was)

Composition of LOSC

Chevalier – Djalo, Yoro, Diakité, Ismaïly – André, Gomes – Zhegrova, Angel, Bamba – David.

Rennes Eleven, Spencer debut

Mandanda – Spence, Rodon, Theate, Truffert – Bourigeau, Santamaria, Tait, Toko Ekambi – Doué, Gouiri.

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