Is functional skills equivalent to GCSE?

One of the ways that you can develop your skills is to participate in vocational examinations. These examinations are offered in various industries in the UK.

Vocational examinations test basic skills such as literacy and numeracy. A person who is interested in becoming a teacher should consider taking a test such as the National College English Test.

This examination tests the basic skills of English such Functional skills exam as reading, writing and speaking. It also tests a student’s knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

For those who are interested in becoming a nurse, they should consider taking a nursing course. There are a number of courses available to nurses. These include Advanced Nurse Practitioner programmes, Bachelor of Science in Nursing programmes and Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences programmes.

Some courses focus on health care whereas others aim to provide a broader perspective of nursing practice. Other courses provide students with a wide range of competencies including counselling, midwifery, medical sciences and mental health.

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