Influenza vaccination recommended for children over 2 years of age




French TV

The flu epidemic is gaining momentum in France: doctor visits soar by 40% in a week. On Thursday, February 9, health authorities called on parents to vaccinate all children over the age of 2.

Over the past few days, appointments with GPs in Essonne have reminded us that the flu virus will make a comeback on Thursday 9 February.For Dr. Arnaud Saada, the rebound of the epidemic may be of Handicap gesture down. “The truth, in my opinion, is that as of February 1, all Covid measures have been completely lifted. We’re seeing more young people, and in a sense it’s a mask issue.”He said.

Recommended vaccination for children ages 2 to 17

156 cases per 100,000 residents were recorded last week, compared with 113 the previous week. A real bounce, but not necessarily unusual. “When we look back at the last typical flu outbreak pre-Covid, we had a peak in early February and we had a second peak two months later and then a lower peak. This time, Since we reached our first peak at the end of last year, there is a possibility that we will reach a peak until mid February”, explains doctor and journalist Dr. Damien Mascret. The Haute Autorité de Santé now recommends annual vaccinations for children aged 2 to 17.


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