In Paris, Zelensky asks Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Schulz to deliver planes ‘as soon as possible’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked his allies to provide him with warplanes in Paris on Wednesday, February 8 “earlier” Defending Russia, did the same on London’s surprise European tour.

As the one-year anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s Feb. 24, 2022 invasion and transformation into a warlord looms, the Ukrainian leader was received by French President Emmanuel Emmanuel at the Elysee Palace. A welcome from Macron, who also invited German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to a belated dinner

The two European leaders dithered over the plane in front of the media, a new phase of support for Kyiv that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak appeared to be cautiously paving the way in London earlier in the day.

Macron and Zelensky fly to Brussels on the same plane

Volodymyr Zelensky must travel to Brussels for an EU summit on Thursday, his second trip abroad in a year after the US in December. “It’s a strong signal that the President has personally participated in the first EU Heads of State and Government summit of the year, a signal of European solidarity”, welcome Olaf Scholz. Emmanuel Macron and Volodymyr Zelensky planned to fly there together from Paris on Thursday morning.

The moment is crucial for Ukraine, which fears the recent Russian military victory in the Donbass and fears a major offensive in the coming weeks. “We are running out of time”Beating the Ukrainian President at the Elysee Palace. “The sooner Ukraine gets long-range heavy weapons, and the sooner our pilots get aircraft, the sooner Russian aggression ends and we can restore peace in Europe”he added, the flash stage of the trip was kept under wraps until the last moment.

For Olaf Skolf, who agreed to provide heavy tanks after a long resistance and opposed sending fighter jets, he assured that this was the best option “More rational today”. The prime minister limited himself to assuring him that allies would support his country, especially militarily, “as long as necessary”.

By his side, Emmanuel Macron promises to continue “effort” of “Delivery of Defense Equipment”according to “Operational Requirements” He intends to discuss it in their interview.

“International Conference” for Peace

“We stand with Ukraine”, “Determined to accompany him to victory and restore his legal rights”the french president said he also said he wanted to “Peacebuilding” with Volodymyr Zelensky, especially “International Conference” fascinating “Maximum Number of Partners”.

Emmanuel Macron used the visit to present his Ukrainian president with the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor, the highest honor bestowed upon him by the French president. “Salute to you, dear Volodymyr, for your courage and commitment”he wrote in a tweet.

But the dinner in Paris contrasted sharply with the pomp of the British visit, in which the Ukrainian president addressed the assembled parliament in the grand setting of Westminster Hall, which hosted rare foreign leaders such as in 1960 Charles de Gaulle of France, and the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in September. “We know freedom will win, we know Russia will lose”Stick to Ukrainian leaders in London.

“Wings of Liberty”

“I ask you and the world to say simple but very important words: Fighters for Ukraine, Wings for Freedom”he fired.

So far, Westerners have been reluctant to take this extra step for fear of escalating relations with Moscow. But Taboo has dropped for a year in a row, with supporters in Kyiv already agreeing in January to supply heavy tanks. Germany intends to deliver the first battalion of its much-anticipated Leopard 2 tanks to its allies at the end of April.

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