“In Paris, until the 2021 reform, we compete between the public high schools”

Christophe Kerrero was appointed Paris Rector by Pap Ndiaye’s predecessor, Jean-Michel Blanquer, in July 2020, He previously served as the school’s chief of staff. Since spring 2021, Paris has changed the configuration of the platform for the distribution of high school students via the network (Affelnet) in order to restore the academic and social diversity of the capital.

The 2022-2023 school year is marked by the Henri-IV and Louis-Le-Grand High School blockbusters on the Affelnet platform. Have parents’ concerns eased?

Nobody told us about it! This tells you whether it was successful or not. The main thing for us is that we had 8.4% of scholarship recipients in both institutions, now it’s 17.4%. We make sure that these high schools are more representative of the reality of the University of Paris.Academic excellence has been preserved since pupils aged 2Ender Achieved better grades on placement tests at the beginning of the school year.

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By transforming Affelnet, you have dramatically changed the path to Paris high school admissions. what do you do next

Our biggest challenge is the attractiveness of the career path. We put in a considerable effort to increase the pass rate by 3.9 points, or 22% of students were pro or CAP oriented at the end of Marchelectronic.

Long-term rivalry between high schools has also backfired: the most disadvantaged students are sent to 2Non-destructive testing general is at the bottom, the idea is to then switch them to 1Man STMG [sciences et technologies du management et de la gestion]. We are now working to ensure that bothNon-destructive testing General and technical have the same quality. For this reason, it is also necessary to deploy technology-path classes in more attractive high schools. a 1Man STMG will be at Lycée Henri-IV (5electronic District), following this fall in Victor Hugo (3electronic).

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It’s a little revolution!

With all our efforts to support coeducation, we don’t want schools to be able to transfer students to other high schools again within 1 yearMan.

Another revolution announced the closure of seven Paris high schools, six specialized schools and one general school…

We close institutions, but not transfer formations. Our Affelnet reform has yielded stunning results in two years, with a 39% reduction in social isolation in Parisian public high schools in 2022 compared to 2019. But there are still difficult high schools, including Bergson (19electronic region), we will transfer the workforce from Brassens (19electronic), holds dual music and dance classes, and has an IPS [indice de position sociale] 154, a record. We found a solution from an obstacle by moving a department of excellence that would enhance Bergson’s profile. No one remembers that many years ago, the Balzac secondary school (17electronic) are largely avoided! We have an international department there which benefits the whole school community.

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