In a messy world, Marie Kondo gives up tidiness

WI thought she had a way, but she never had kids. Japanese decluttering goddess Marie Kondo admitted in an interview that she stopped intensive decluttering after giving birth to her third child in 2021. There are spacious, empty, Zen-like apartments, and there are country homes everywhere.

“Now I understand that it is important for me to enjoy the time at home with my children,” The magic of tidying up (2010).Frankly, we could have told her instead of trying to cram 8 million copies titled Untidy magic into her hands.

Marie Kondo’s acknowledgment came on top of other signals pointing to a major comeback in clutter. In a decorating trend where minimalism is all the rage, color and pattern are making a festive return. Brands also understand that celebrating vacant homes does them little good. Granny chic style suggests stacking crochet tablecloths, knick-knacks and fringed lampshades.

On social media, #cluttercore (for people who love mess) is associated with overcrowded teenage bedrooms. Not to mention the rampant lines of code in 2021 since the crash of the NFT market, the chaos of the world has something comforting and reassuring. And the income brought by Marie Kondo’s minimalism is even more willing to give up the clean and tidy virtual world to the avatar.

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how to identify them

There is a chair in their room, which is used to put things. Because they’re trying to empty their house, you can’t walk through their hallways, which are full of bags that have to go to charity, the dump, or the basement. As soon as they start tidying up, guests come and they put everything back in the closet. When they go to yard sales, they take the time to review the same items they have at home and hesitate to buy them back.they received The magic of tidying up As a gift, but didn’t take the time to read it because they didn’t know where to put it.

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“Marie Kondo gave up tidying, at first I thought it was fake news.” “They have nothing in the house. It’s scary.” “Soon we will find out that she has Tupperware without lids in her cupboard too.” ” But I heard her say she still puts away her purse.” “Only people who don’t work have nothing on their desks. Have you ever seen the mess in Francis Bacon’s studio? And Karl Lagerfeld’s or Umberto Eco’s bookcases So many books in there?” “Kids love going back to their old books.” “At least close your door.” “I don’t want to clean anyway.” “You still can’t leave food in the room.” “We Just keep the pretty cans of sardines.” “The more I learn about the Metaverse, the more I want to whip out some colored crayons.”

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