How to Set Up Linksys Extender in Access Point Mode

You can set up your Linksys WiFi range extender in extender mode as well as access point mode. By setting up your Linksys range extender as an access point, you can have better WiFi speeds as there will be minimum signal loss and low WiFi interference. How to do a Linksys access point setup in simple way is what this article is all about. So, if you are looking to set your extender up in AP mode, then the search ends here. Simply follow the steps mentioned here and complete the process.

Linksys Extender Setup in AP Mode

Here is the simple and step-by-step procedure to be executed for setting up your Linksys WiFi range extender in access point mode:

Step1: Place Extender

First of all, bring the Linksys range extender into the same room where your router is placed. You are doing so as you are placing the connection between both devices.

Step 2: Power Up Extender

The time to plug the Linksys range extender into the wall outlet has come. Ensure opting for a well-working power outlet in the home. Also, make really certain that the power adapter is plugged properly into the socket. In simple words, the setup process can be completed only if the extender is receiving an optimum power supply.

Step 2: Connect it to Router

Now power up your router as well as it is time to connect it to the extender. For that, grab a good Ethernet cable. Insert its ends into the Ethernet ports of the extender and the router. Ensure making firm and secure connection between the devices.

Step 3: Visit Linksys Login Page

Use a PC and have access to the Linksys extender login page. You need to make use of an updated internet browser for this process. In the URL bar, enter http // carefully. With that we mean you need to avoid making any typing errors. Also, refrain from typing the address in the search bar as you might land on some random page.

Step 4: Input Login Credentials

The moment you hit the Enter key, you will be navigated to the Linksys extender login page. In the fields that you view now, insert(type) the username and password and click on the Login button.

Step 5: Follow the Prompts

Now you need to complete the final instructions of the Linksys extender setup. Whenever asked, select As a wired range extender (Access point). Rest keep following the prompts and the setup will be done in no time.

This is about how to set up the Linksys extender setup in AP mode when you are setting it up for the first time. But if you have already set it up and now want to change the mode, here is what you need to do:

Changing from Extender Mode to Access Point Mode

  1. Connect the Linksys range extender to the host router using an Ethernet cable.

  2. Now access the Linksys login page to access the Linksys admin dashboard on your computer. Make sure your computer is accessing the home WiFi.

  3. Use the login credentials and log in to your Linksys range extender.

  4. Click on Wireless and then select Basic Settings.

  5. Under Change Operation Mode, click on Access Point and then click on the Change button.

Your Linksys range extender will reboot now. After it is booted up, it will be running in access point mode. 

Changing from Access Point Mode to Extender Mode

If you want to change the mode back to the extender mode then do this:

  1. Connect the Linksys range extender to the router using a wireless connection.
  2. Access the Linksys login page using the web address or the default IP address.
  3. Entering the username and password, log in to access the Linksys admin dashboard.
  4. Now go to Wireless and select Basic Settings.
  5. Under the Operation Mode option, click on the Change option.
  6. Under Change Operation Mode, click on Wireless Range Extender and then click on Change.
  7. After that just follow the instructions on the screen.

Your Linksys range extender is now running in extender mode.


That’s it about how to do Linksys extender setup in AP mode. You also learned about changing the extender modes. Now depending on your requirements, you can change the Linksys extender modes easily.

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