How to Reset Wavlink WiFi Extender?


Are you looking for information on how to reset the Wavlink WiFi range extender? Well, congratulations! You have landed on the right post. In this article, you will find not one but two different methods to reset your Wavlink extender. In the first method, you just have to use one button and in the second method, you will have to access the setup page. Without any further delay let’s get started.

What Happens After Resetting Wavlink Extender?

Once you reset your Wavlink extender after following any of the two methods that have been discussed below, the current settings will get deleted from the extender. When the current configuration settings are erased, the default factory settings get restored on the device. So, after you have reset the extender, it will be as good as a new extender.

Why Reset Wavlink Extender?

What could be the possible causes that may force you to reset your extender? Here are some scenarios that may put you in a situation to reset your extender:

  1. You have forgotten the admin password of your Wavlink extender

  2. The firmware on the extender got corrupted

  3. The extender is not working

  4. You are getting poor or no internet connection using your extender.

  5. The current configurations are not what you need right now

  6. You failed in setting up your extender many times already

Please know that resetting the Wavlink extender should be the last option. As mentioned earlier, the reset process will delete the current settings from the extender, so use this process only when you are exhausted with every other possible solution to get rid of the issue at hand.

Wavlink Extender Reset via Reset Button

This process is also known as the hard reset method. Here are the instructions for this method:

  1. Get closer to your Wavlink WiFi range extender and power it up.

  2. Let the LEDs turn solid.

  3. Search for the button labeled Reset on the extender now.

  4. Press it once you found it.

The Wavlink WiFi extender is reset to the factory settings now. This is all about the hard reset process of the Wavlink WiFi range extender.

Wavlink Extender Reset via Web-based Utility

This method is also known as the soft reset method to reset the Wavlink WiFi extender. Here is how you will use this method to reset your device:

  1. Turn the power supply to the Wavlink WiFi range extender on by plugging it into an active wall socket.

  2. When the LEDs are settled, proceed to the next step.

  3. Now, connect your Wavlink WiFi extender to the router using either the wired source or the wireless source.

  4. Grab your computer or laptop now and fire up an internet browser. Make sure that the OS of the PC and the internet browser both are updated to the latest version.

  5. In the address bar and not the search bar of the web browser, input the login web address without making any typing errors.

  6. Hitting the Enter key on the keyboard will take you to the login page of the Wavlink extender.

  7. Type the admin login details in the required fields and click on the Login button.

  8. This will open the door to the admin panel or the web-based management utility of the Wavlink extender.

  9. In the settings, navigate to Save\/Reload Settings and click on it.

  10. Change the settings to Default mode and the current settings will get erased from the extender.

The default factory settings will get restored on the extender with this.

To Briefly Conclude

This is how you can reset your Wavlink WiFi range extender to the factory settings. After the current settings are erased and the default settings are restored, you need to set up your extender again with the home network. You can either use the WPS button setup method or use the manual method wherein you need to access the management utility of your extender using the ap setup Wavlink page. After setting up the extender, update the firmware of your Wavlink extender to the latest version and then begin accessing seamless internet access on various devices.

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