How To make The Right Choice for Film Production House

As a self-shooter who travels frequently, I require to have a stream-lined connection with my gear. I utilize Canon lens 17-40mm, 70-200mm and 70-200mm and I have a Sachtler Ace Tripod that is comfortable and lightweight Production and Light pro LED panels that make great job; Sen heisser wireless lavier microphones and an Shotgun Rode micro  phone.

The Blackmagic URSA Mini I try to shoot at 400 ISO whenever possible as I have found it to be the best spot for my lenses that has a high quality and low-noise. I avoid shooting wide open with one of my lenses to ensure that the image is as sharp as it can be. I shoot all the time in Black magic film LOG and then test the image using URSA Mini 4.6 LUT or load in the specific look I am trying to achieve.

I’m sure many people use similar workflows to mine. I utilize Premiere Pro CC for my editing and make the round journey towards Davinci Resolve Studio for my color editing. Resolve is a fantastic piece video production company near me of software , and for me, its color power is unbeatable. It is essential to stay organized by my folder structure to keep track of my work flow. I generally edit the footage, change the colour and export it for After Effects to create the graphic and audio files to Audition. I’ve learned the rule that when I’m satisfied and believe I’ve completed an edit, I’ll need to take an outing or grab coffee before returning to the project. It’s amazing to see how fresh eyes can see!

As a solo artist How do you network and gaining new customers?

Since I am a solo shopper It is a challenge to find time to meet with friends. I believe that so long that my work remains top-quality and my professional appearance is maintained, my client base will do the work for me. I have never promoted or cold-called companies. My work has come from referrals or work from repeat clients. 2016 was a very busy year for me, with several clients with high-profile names and I’m guessing it requires time for you to put your brand in the market. For advice, always have an emergency plan. It is important to be realistic in the knowledge that you could go for two weeks or even two movie studios months without having a job.

Prepare to be in bars, work in packing boxes, or do anything else that will enable you to get your next job. I also suggest only buying equipment that is within your budget and the client base. I am laughing at some of the gear I used when I started out. As my client list grew as did my camera equipment. I’m now at a place where I’m very happy with the equipment I’ve got (but it’s never too late to get Zeiss super-speed lenses…they could be the 2017’s best buy!). The most important thing is to keep at it and be patient. it. Don’t breach the trust of a customer and keep working to improve.

What do you think of your own advice 10 years ago, or any other person who is starting their own production business?

Take your time and do not take customer changes lightly ….. be patient!

Your first client is the most difficult and most significant stage for your career. I recommend to keep your ears open all the time; clients could come from informal conversation, a colleague or family member. It could even be a chance encounter while on the train. There’s a huge demand for online video these days that it is likely that someone in your network will be looking for or knows someone who needs an assignment for a production. As thrilling as it may be meeting your first prospective client, stay steady, confident and believe in your capabilities. Do not over-promise or under-deliver in your professional career, and you’ll see the number of clients you have steadily increase. Have fun!

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