Horse racing predictions for Sunday 5 March 2023

The Quinté+ on Sunday 5 March will host a jumping event at the Auteuil racecourse. Find our predictions for this match below along with our betting of the day and our crazy bets on the other two games on the menu of the day.

Mayday forecast for March 5

Matthew Zaccarnini

14 Fundam (favorite)

To be noticed on his comeback, he can shine in one-fifth of the game.

12 East Saratoga (Outsiders)

It gains momentum in the race and has a big edge.

bet of the day

Meeting 5 (Pornichet-la Baule) – Match 2: 7 Depends

He’s very consistent and has thrived in this confrontational style. He has great defensive opportunities.

crazy bet

Session 5 (Pornichet-La Baule) – Match 7: 7 with Stars

He’s better than his last attempt and has found a lot up his alley.

Dimitri Branler RMC Sports Reporter

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