Horse racing predictions for Monday 6 February 2023

Quinté+ will be held on Monday 6 February at the Vincennes racecourse. Find our predictions for this match below along with our betting of the day and our crazy bets on the other two games on the menu of the day.

Predictions for Pentecost on February 6

Matthew Zaccarnini

8 Miss Jaja (favorite)

Last time it won in style, it took off all four feet once again.

4 Diabel (Outsider)

She ended up regretting that it would be the first barefoot in her career.

Lionel Charpentier

1 junkie

Lionel Charbonnier recommends that you keep an eye on 1 Junkie. She started really well on this track, and she seems to have the necessary qualities to do well at this level.

bet of the day

Game 1 (Vincennes) – Game 6: 9 Fleur du Polea

She loves this speed course and is very committed to winning. She should not be far from the truth.

crazy bet

Match 1 (Vincennes) – Match 7: 4 Icare du Léard

He’s adept at the two specialties of the trot, is the richest man in the game and could be on the podium at attractive odds.

Matthew Zaccarnini RMC Sports Reporter

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