Head towards the Banque Populaire roller coaster, which is reminiscent of the Clarisse Crémer

Clarisse Crémer still hopes to participate in the Vendée Globe in 2024 with Banque Populaire. bad buzzBPCE management is working hard to find a solution.

After the media storm that Banque Populaire endured in its final hours, it was time for reflection when it decided to part ways with sailor Clarisse Crémer, less than two years away from the 2024 Vendée Round the World.As our colleagues pointed out parisian, RMC Sport confirmed BPCE officials have begun to reflect, reconsidering their decision and proposing that the sailor extend her charter in blue and white. It is therefore still possible that Clarisse Crémer will be at the opening of the next Vendée Globe. Now it is necessary to successfully convince the Parisians to return to the arms of the banks. The next few days will be decisive.

BPCE bosses will have papers in hand

As a reminder, the Banque Populaire has decided to fire Clarisse Crémer, as the 33-year-old captain is the 12th (and first female) captain for 2020-2021 and she is not guaranteed a ticket to the next Vendée Globe.

After becoming mother to little Matilda in 2022, her maternity leave prevented her from accumulating significant miles in the qualifying rounds until June 2024. The Banque Populaire proposed this new regulation to explain the renewal of the Clarisse Crémer. This decision, combined with the rigid attitude of the organizers of the Vendée Round the World, caused a strong reaction on social networks. A bad buzz This undoubtedly pushed Banque Populaire back.always based on parisianNicolas Namias, chairman of the BPCE management board, papers in hand, doesn’t appreciate a young mother staying on the dock for a sporting event. Especially the size of the Vendée Globe.

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