He picked the wrong day in his grid and made 17 million euros

Lotto grid for Friday 13th January verified for Saturday 14th. Most players want the jackpot to end! Yes, except for the 40-year-old who won €17m by validating his grid by entering the wrong date on Française des jeux’s mobile app. This is the sixth largest lotto jackpot on the internet, FDJ said in a release.

“Very accidental player”, the winner, who wished to remain anonymous, like many French people who tried their luck on Friday the 13th last Friday but “checked the date on Saturday the 14th by mistake”, said the FDJ . “On that day, there must be a lucky star above my head,” said the lucky winner with a smile. Twenty years ago, a friend predicted to him that one day he would win a huge sum of money in the lottery. “At the time, I didn’t believe in his talent at all, but now, I believe a little more.”

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