Get Support for Your Home Energy Retrofit

Energy retrofit work generally raises many questions: Do we need to keep warm before changing the radiator, or what is the most efficient way to start? “We also get a lot of questions from the public about the financial aid available. Their complexity and frequent changes can sometimes leave families feeling overwhelmed,” adds Matthieu Biens, marketing director for insulation manufacturer Rockwool. It seems attractive to have professionals asking these questions, who can give you personalized advice, assist you throughout the process and help you find financing.To meet this demand, the public authorities are currently Deployment of the “My Renovation Accompanying Person” (MAR) program. In order to obtain public assistance from MaPrime Rénov, the intervention of this MAR will gradually become mandatory. This has been the case since January 1 for families applying for MaPrime Rénov’sérénité , MaPrime Rénov’sérénité is aimed at assisting low-income households undergoing global remodeling, that is to say multiple jobs at the same time. For homeowners who want to do work in their dwelling to rent out and benefit from the Loc’Avantages tax incentive regime , the same is the case. READ ALSO: Article reserved for our subscribers Real Estate Loans: What has changed Lemoine Borrower Insurance Law More broadly, from September 2023, if assistance requests exceed €10,000 and if carried out at least Two categories of energy saving work (insulation, boiler replacement, etc.). For other households, nothing prevents them from using the service if they wish. About 3,000 consultants but who are these guides? Currently, these are public platforms France Rénov’ consultants. This support is free and the consultants are distributed throughout the country, but they do not travel to work-related residences. The service is therefore not as complete as provided for in the decree of 22 July 2022 defining the mandate of the MAR. Also read: Article reserved for our subscribers Apartments: Difficult solutions implemented to control gas prices Local authorities and the parastatal structures they set up can also be structures approved by the MAR as well as the state agency Home Improvement (Anah). “In In France, a total of around three thousand people have become Rénov’ Accompagnateur”, estimates Simon Corteville, Anah Energy Retrofit and Social Policy Manager. Months should increase the number of guides. You have 55.31% of this article left to read. The following is for subscribers only.

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