Gérald Darmanin announces disbandment of two groups

Council of Ministers dissolved on Wednesday 1Uh In February, two groups: Les Alerteurs, founded in Aude, promoting radical Islam, and nationalist Bordeaux, carrying an ideology “Xenophobia calls for hate and violence”, announces Gérald Darmanin. On the proposal of the Minister of the Interior, the Council announced the dissolution of the two small groups.

Les Alerteurs association charged under decree of dissolution “Conveying an anti-republican and radical ideology by suggesting that a coup d’etat would be a mode of action against the French government, thereby inciting revolt and violence” And spread conspiracy theories.In addition to anti-Semitism and homophobic remarks, the association “try to minimise” attack on france “Defend them in the name of blasphemy”.

Bordeaux Nationalist, a far-right group from the Gironde capital, has been accused of involvement by its members “Violence and degradation in meetings” and also “fight” be opposed to “Anti-Fascist Activist”. According to the decree announcing the dissolution, it is mentioned that “Propagating force to recruit new people”, and organization “Regular rallies to commemorate or support iconic figures of far-right groups or collaborations”.

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