French sailing federation hopes to ‘find solution’ in Kramer incident


Following Clarisse Crémer’s banishment from the Banque Populaire, in order to participate in the 2024 Vendée Globe, the French Sailing Federation, through the voice of its president, Jean-Luc Dénéchau, wants to defend gender equality in discipline.

Reactions continued following Banque Populaire’s decision to fire Clarisse Crémer for the next Vendée Globe, which will take place in 2024. Following many figures in the tricolor movement, the French Voile Federation took action until Monday, issuing a lengthy press release in which it reviewed the importance of gender equality in the discipline.

“I understand Clarisse Crémer’s anger and frustration. I therefore reached out to all parties immediately to find a solution that reflects the values ​​we all defend and ensure that Clarisse is on the starting line for Vendée Universal in 2024,” Jean Explained – Luc Dénéchau, President of FFV The federation has been working on a program to feminize our sport for many years and in this case it has given special attention to ensuring that its high level of female athletes reconcile motherhood and sport cause”

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The federation also recalled that two of the three medals at the 2020 Olympic Games were won by women: one bronze in 470 (Camille Lecointre and Aloïse Retornaz) and one silver in RS:X (Charline Picon ). “The will and determination of these great champions, the members of the French team, and a framework and a staff, through a program adapted and personalized to take into account their desire for motherhood, as we have seen, is fully in line with the Very demanding Jean-Luc Dénéchau continues: “Performance, continues Jean-Luc Dénéchau. In Olympic sailing, it is possible for our female athletes at a high level, and it must be possible for female athletes in ocean racing to participate in various teams. “

In the face of the media storm, there may be hope for Clarisse Crémer.As our colleagues pointed out parisianRMC Sport confirmed at the weekend that Banque Popualire’s managers have begun to reflect, reconsidering their decision and proposing to the sailor an extension of her lease at the Blue and White.

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