French justice forces Instagram to remove content promoting alcohol

This follows a procedure initiated by the French Addiction Association. Instagram (Meta Group) Forced by French Judiciary to Remove Influencer Content “Illegal Advertising” alcoholic beverages. In all, the judgments, seen by AFP, involved 37 publications distributed by around 20 different influencers, who collectively represented more than 5 million subscribers.

On Tuesday, February 7, the targeted content could no longer be accessed via the address (URL) specified in the court decision.Mehta let him know he had “application” The Court’s decision, while emphasizing that this is not “not final” and was appealed.

its about “Historic victory against online alcohol sponsorship”welcomes Addictions France in a press release. “18 months”the association “Connect with influencers promoting alcohol brands” Its problematic content was withdrawn under the Evin Act, which since 1991 has imposed very strict regulations on the advertising of alcoholic beverages.

“If some influential people are sensitive to the process, others will not respond or simply refuse to acknowledge the illegality of their publications”in this case resulting in Addictions France going directly to content-supporting social networks, the association explained.

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protracted war

The judgment also reprimanded Meta for providing Addictions France with the real identity of the influencer (surname and first name, date and place of birth and, above all, telephone number). It specifically states that the ads must be limited to informational content and cannot be about celebration, joy or humor.

The decision obtained by Addictions France illustrates the long struggle of public authorities and associations to hold platforms accountable for the content they host.

In the controversial content, which was retracted from Addictions France, influencer Renan Pacheco (over 600,000 subscribers) posted a photo of the representative holding a cocktail made with alcohol, in which he mentioned the brand and showed the bottle.or a photo from the @framboise_fit account (over 9,000 subscribers) shows “A lady holding a beer in the jacuzzi(…) mentions the brand in the description and extols its virtues”according to the description of the judgment.

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