Founder of Aides Daniel Defert Society dies at 85

Aides was founded in 1984 by philosopher and sociologist Daniel Defert.

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Daniel Defert, Founder of Fight Against HIV, Sociologists and philosophers, The association announced on Twitter on Tuesday, February 7, at the age of 85.

“We are deeply saddened to learn tonight of the passing of Aides founder Daniel Defert. He left behind an indelible memory of a life of activism and the memory of the 2,200 activists we stand by every day.” principles of action.”wrote the association on Twitter.

Daniel Defert contributed to “Breaking the stereotypes surrounding HIV/AIDS”,and with “stigma”paying tribute to Aides in a statement posted on Twitter. “Those of us who have been affected by the virus, those of us who are invisible, the few, the excluded, the ones that Daniel has worked so hard to make visible, we will continue his fight, our fight”Added associations.

Daniel Defert founded Aides in 1984 after the death of the philosopher Michel Foucault, who he had accompanied for more than two decades at the age of 57. “We campaigned together and continued radical work is part of my mourning”In 2000 he explained French culture.

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