forty years song

September 25, 1962. Juliette Noureddine was born in Paris. 1985. Found in Printemps de Bourges.1991. Que tal?, the first album. 1996. Feminine Rhythms. 1997. The Triumph of Feminine Apocalyptic Music. 1998. Assassin without a knife. 2003 and 2005. She created for Olivia Ruiz J’aime pas l’amour and La Petite Voleuse. year 2006. Musical Triumph of Female Artist.2008. Jewelry and trinkets are gold disc.2013. Album Nour with A little black dress.2013. Knight of the Legion of Honor.2016. Published his full set on 14 CDs.2018. I don’t like this song. 2023. The song Where the Eyes Appear is released by Barclays.

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