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Posted on 03/03/2023 17:07

Updated on 03/03/2023 17:14

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J. Mimouni, L. Adjaoud, L. Pekez, N. Jauson – France 3

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While Saturday 4 March will be World Obesity Day, Muriel Bismuth, who lives with the health-damaging disease, is testifying to the hardships she endures every day, and the sometimes cruel ways of others look.

Muriel Bismuth, 58, is severely obese. For her, everyday life is complicated. “It’s a disability and I’m considered disabled. Even cooking at home is easy for any normal person. For me, it’s complicated,” she testified. She has had problems since childhood, at the age of 3. “In fact, I’ve been doing this all my life: lose, take back, lose, take back…” She now weighs 140kg.

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“On the father’s side, we were all overweight. They were all dead,” continued Muriel. What hurt her the most was the gaze of others. “Just yesterday, two boys in their car started laughing. I opened the window and asked them what was going on. They said to me: ‘Well, you’re fat.'” His illness made him sick Risk of vascular disease, diabetes, especially.

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