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After resigning as president of the French Football Federation, Noel Le Gratt does not intend to stop there. The Breton leader, through his lawyers Mes Florence Bourg and Thierry Marembert, condemned the interim report of the auditors on the incident.

Nol Le Grat isn’t about to give up.

Nol Le Grat does not intend to surrender. Amid the turmoil following his Zidane comments, the Breton leader intends to defend himself against the many allegations against him.

Draft key audit report

The final episode of the ongoing soap opera was the report of the interim audit carried out by the General Inspectorate for Education, Sport and Research (IGESR), commissioned by the Sports Minister, and sent to key parties on Monday.This suggests that the 81-year-old has not Due to FFF’s behavior towards women, its public statements and failures of governance, plus the legitimacy required to manage FFF .

On January 11, the conclusion that made Guingamp’s former boss quit from the position of FFF chairman was replaced by Philippe Diallo.Through his lawyers Mes Florence Bourg and Thierry Marembert, the businessman decides to launch a counterattack firmly defend their honor . Given its hollow factual basis, based on truncated anonymous elements and testimony, the viciousness of the language used against Mr. Le Grat is surprising can we read the press release that the NLG representative sent to AFP?

lawyers put pressure on

The report looks like an indictment, but pays homage to the work Mr Le Grat has done, his historic commitment to French football, and women’s football in particular. Text is supported. While we have serious concerns about the inspectors’ ability to shake off the political and media influence that constantly weighs on them, we will respond to this working paper within the time allotted to us to ensure the integrity of Mr.Le Gratt said the lawyer.

We regret the breach of confidentiality of this report and the unpleasant atmosphere that disregarded the principle of the presumption of innocence. plus Le Grat’s advisers, he felt deep injustice As a reminder, the head of France’s most powerful sports authority has until February 13 to comment on this partial report. In any case, between 1995 and 2008, the resignation of the mayor of Guingamp does not seem to have really been on the agenda.

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