FFF drops Florence Hardouin sacking for ‘serious misconduct’

Under contract with the French Football Federation (FFF) since 2008, general manager Florence Hardouin received a letter of dismissal signed by the agency’s interim boss Philippe Diallo on Tuesday 28 February. It is understood that “3F” has given up on dismissing MI Hardouin was charged with “serious misconduct”. However, in a letter dated January 11, Mr. Diallo informed Mr.I Hardouin layoffs are a precautionary measure because “Gravity of Facts”Announced to her that she was fired for it.

And layoffs MI Hardouin had just been dismissed, and FFF now dismisses its “DG” in a completely different way. According to the authorities, the content of the audit report submitted by the General Inspectorate for Education, Sport and Research (IGESR) on February 15 was the first to certify the end of the long-standing cooperation between FFF and M.I Hadouin.

According to the conclusions of the audit commissioned by Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera, “Brutal methods and behavior are considered unstable” CEO’s “He is no longer permitted to exercise his recognized powers”.

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FFF thinks M’s departureI Hardouin, who has been CEO since 2013, is crucial because of the source of a sour and dysfunctional relationship between her and President Noël Le Graët, who resigned on Feb. Questions of the executive’s legitimacy. IGESR, however, estimates the management of MI Hadouan is not “Harassment”.

In addition, FFF relies on the conclusions of IGESR, which states that “fail” and inefficiency “Policies to Combat Gender-Based and Sexual Violence” carried out by the body. Meanwhile, FFF was condemned in 2021 by the Paris Industrial Tribunal for “sexual harassment” over the alleged conduct of its finance director, Marc Varin, who remains in office.

“clear act of revenge”

FFF itself acknowledges the baseless nature of the brutal procedure imposed on our client, renounces invoking the slightest serious wrongdoing in support of the dismissal, and cancels her layoff, Rebutting M’s lawyerI Hardouin, Margaux Mathieu and Hervé Temime. FFF is now trying to defend Florence Hardouin’s dismissal based on the audit report, but FFF and Mr Le Graët strongly disagree with the audit report’s conclusions. »

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